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The Boss nominates Clarence for governor, Gwyneth bugs her boyfriend, and Aaron Sorkin may do for "SNL" what he did for the White House. Plus: Another boy toy romance heats up!

By Salon Staff
August 18, 2003 6:32PM (UTC)
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Bruce Springsteen played center field in San Francisco's Pac Bell Park Saturday night and the almost-54 Boss looked about 25 -- singing and running around the stage for three hours. He proved it all night musically but also stopped for what he called "a public service announcement," saying that Republicans and Democrats both have lied to the public but that as citizens it's our duty to make sure "the truth will out" about why we sent our sons and daughters to war in Iraq. Earlier, he joked that his sax player Clarence Clemmons might make a good governor of California. Word from the Los Angeles show Sunday was that he left out the Iraq speech, but played "Rosalita" again. (S.F. Gate)

Speaking of music, the lovely and usually composed Gwyneth Paltrow is acting like a groupie with her boyfriend, Coldplay's Chris Martin. Some say that she demanded a summit meeting on their relationship moments after he came offstage after a show in England this week. Chill-out time, Gwynnie. (Teen Music)


Is Sadie Frost pulling a Demi? The 37-year-old actress, recently divorced from Jude Law, has been seen with 22-year-old flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott of late, after having been introduced by supermodel Kate Moss. Scott's mother said of the affair: "I bet like most 22-year-olds dating a woman in her thirties, he's having the time of his life." Go, Mom! (Sky News)

Is Aaron Sorkin going to do for "Saturday Night Live" what he did for the White House? Rumors are that the writer will take a behind-the-scenes look at a late-night comedy show modeled after "SNL" and based on the book "Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live" by Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales and CNN producer Jim Miller. If so, look for a lot of funny people talking really fast while they walk down long hallways. (N.Y. Newsday)

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Puffing up in "Pumping Iron": Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted last year that, back in the '70s, "I did smoke a joint and I did inhale," though he insisted that he hasn't touched the evil weed since. Nevertheless, images of him toking up in the 1977 film "Pumping Iron" are popping up all over the Web and requests for the film at video stores in L.A. and New York are gathering steam. One clerk opined that the bodybuilding documentary "might make it into the top ten soon." (Jeannette Wall's Scoop)

As if Maria Shriver didn't have enough on her mind these days, Britney Spears has jilted her. The pop princess has reportedly pulled out of an interview with Shriver, scheduled to air on NBC's "Dateline" this fall, after ABC came up with a juicier package. "ABC pulled out all the stops for Britney. They see it as a war with NBC, and they want to win," an unidentified source tells Page Six. "ABC promised Britney her own special, plugs on 'Good Morning America' and 'Entertainment Tonight' and nonstop coverage of her new album, 'Britney.'" ABC: The All Britney Channel?


Money Quote
Martha Plimpton on homely, aging Hollywood actors, in Rosanna Arquette's documentary "Searching for Debra Winger": "There's something going on for some ugly dudes, frankly. There's some guys out there working on -- doing some great work -- who really have a face like a foot. There ain't no ugly women." (N.Y. Times)

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Page Six: Sex Pistols host after-gig party at club in the Chelsea Hotel, where Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen in 1978; Bill O'Reilly pens media thriller, "Those Who Trespass," described as a "novel of television and murder"; Eminem said to have shot a "Girls Gone Wild" special, trying to block its release; Anna Kournikova signs on as spokeswoman for Pattaya, described as a "beach near Bangkok known mostly for its thriving porn industry and child prostitution."

Rush and Molloy: Joe Conason's new book, "Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth," labels Ann Coulter a "perennially single, career-obsessed" hypocrite and Rush Limbaugh "a ridiculous snob"; Yankees honcho George Steinbrenner rumored to be "quietly courting" former Mets manager Bobby Valentine; Gwyneth Paltrow, still in mourning for father, Bruce, says, "When I'm in the airport, I'm in the self-help section with my sweatshirt over my head. Are there any grief books I haven't read?"

Cindy Adams: "Kennedy Curse" author Edward Klein says Arnold Schwarzenegger is "on line to fall victim to the Kennedy curse," warns that Maria Shriver might make his life "hell" if he loses election; Drew Barrymore says, "I would like politicians to be more human"; Michael Caine says, "Nudity in films is undignified. Nude men look ridiculous. I didn't spend 20 years learning how to do something only to have people stare at my bottom"; Jamie Lee Curtis says, "My husband [Christopher Guest] always makes me laugh. We're being intimate and he'll mispronounce my name. He'll go, 'I love you, Janie,' right at the moment you don't want to be laughing."


-- Amy Reiter

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