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Jane Fonda remembers the magic, Carmen Electra is always thinking about sex, and Rob Lowe switches sides. Plus: Dubya with a halo?

By Salon Staff
Published August 19, 2003 2:21PM (EDT)

Jane Fonda hasn't made me cry since "Klute," but her description of the joy she found "maybe eight times" during her 40 years in acting drew tears last night. It happened in Rosanna Arquette's Showtime documentary about actresses over 30 trying to have careers and lives, called "Searching for Debra Winger" in honor of Winger's defection from Hollywood at age 40. The women who participate range from Vanessa Redgrave to Salma Hayek, Meg Ryan, Holly Hunter, Diane Lane and Whoopi Goldberg and they make you want to run out and write scripts for them. But Fonda steals the show. She is coiffed, has had some face work, and wears the protective makeup she probably got used to not only while living in Hollywood but in Atlanta with Ted Turner. When she describes the "circle of light" that was a movie set, and the few times when it all came together, you finally understand why actors get paid so much and why the good ones deserve it. (Showtime)

Rob Lowe says that he switched from being a lifelong Democrat, who raised money for George McGovern at his lemonade stand, to supporting Arnold Schwarzenegger because he thinks "people want a born leader. When I walk into a set, I want to know who the director is. I don't want to guess." In that case, let's get Francis Ford Coppola to run for governor. Anyone who can direct Marlon Brando can run a state. (Extra)

Now we know why Carmen Electra has that dazed look all the time. She told a German magazine that she "thinks about sex every 20 seconds." She didn't say what she thinks about it, but did note that she and soon-to-be-hubby Dave Navarro joined the Mile High Club in a restroom during a flight to Miami. Thanks for sharing, Carm. (Ananova)

This just in ... Matt Drudge is reporting that GQ Magazine will run an essay by Guy Lawson about George W. Bush's religious convictions with a photo-illustration of the president as Jesus himself.

-- Karen Croft

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Al Franken, is that you? Paul Newman -- yes, that Paul Newman -- has written an editorial for today's New York Times Op-Ed page satirizing the lawsuit Fox News Network has brought against Franken over the use of the phrase "fair and balanced." "In claiming trademark violation, Fox sets a noble example for standing firm against whatever," Newman writes in the tongue-in-cheek piece, adding that the Fox suit has prompted him to file claims against the Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD.

"In the 1963 film 'HUD,' for which Mr. Newman was nominated for an Academy Award, the ad campaign was based on the slogan, 'Paul Newman is HUD,'" he continues. "Mr. Newman claims that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, called HUD, is a fair and balanced institution and that some of its decency and respectability has unfairly rubbed off on his movie character, diluting the rotten, self-important, free-trade, corrupt conservative image that Mr. Newman worked so hard to project in the film. His suit claims that this 'innocence by association' has hurt his feelings plus residuals."

Sad news for those of you looking forward to Roseanne Barr's new TV cooking show, "Domestic Goddess." ABC Family has canceled it. The decision comes days after Barr announced that she'll undergo a hysterectomy on Wednesday, though the network claims that one cut has nothing to do with the other. The move leaves the fate of Barr's related reality TV show, "The Real Roseanne," unclear, though ABC claims that show, about the making of the other show, will run through Sept. 17, as scheduled. (N.Y. Post)

Money Quote
Roseanne Barr on why she took another crack at TV: "I have more money than God, but not as much as Oprah." (N.Y. Daily News)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Trouble on the "Man Show" set, has something to do with backup dancers called "Juggies" and co-host Joe Rogan; former GE chairman Jack Welch was in dentist's chair when blackout hit, had to get hurried filling for gaping hole drilled in tooth; Ben Affleck serenaded by accused child molester R. Kelly at 31st birthday party. George Hamilton was there but Matt Damon wasn't; Kelly Osbourne's bald boyfriend described as "one ornery fella with tattoos all over his arms, neck, face and head"; Nicole Kidman checks out cross-dresser Lypsinka's show in NYC, appears to have good time; Arnold Schwarzenegger accused of stealing ashtray from N.Y. restaurant back in late '80s.

Rush and Molloy: Are Britney Spears and Jared Leto crying on each other's shoulders now that their exes, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, have hooked up?; Sharon Stone said to be pulling a Demi, eyeing Goldie Hawn's 26-year-old son Oliver Hudson; Cybill Shepherd says she and California Gov. Gray Davis made out on a beach in Hawaii some 36 years ago. "We were never lovers," she says, but endorses him as "a good kisser."

Cindy Adams: Chris Rock said to have turned down chance to host the Academy Awards because that gig was "for old people. For maybe 10 years from now, when my career's in the toilet"; Los Angeles consultant says Ben Affleck should be paying more attention to recovery from alcoholism, less to J.Lo's wedding plans, predicts bad end to high-profile relationship; after Labor Day, you can rent Bruce Willis' Caribbean vacation home for $8,500 a day, Mick Jagger's Mystique house for $16,000 a week.

-- Amy Reiter

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