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Arnold tells all in a 1977 interview! Plus: Woody gets neurotic in Venice, Einstein becomes swimsuit cover boy, and Cattrall calls Clinton charismatic.

Published August 27, 2003 3:16PM (EDT)

The most sought-after magazine today is a 1977 issue of Oui magazine that contains an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. There was a frenzy on eBay, and then The Smoking Gun put the entire interview on its site. It's refreshingly candid ("Bodybuilders' cocks are the same size as everybody else's") and pretty gay-friendly, for a guy who uses the term "fag": ("Gay people are fighting the same kind of stereotyping that bodybuilders are: People have certain misconceptions about them just as they do about us. Well, I have absolutely no hang-ups about the fag business") -- a marked contrast with Arnold the Candidate. But the tales of group sex and regular partying -- "grass and hash, no hard drugs" -- are going to cost him some votes.

Woody Allen showed his new film at the Venice Film Festival today and people who saw it say it's a return to the "old Woody" -- the opening scene is a panoramic view of Central Park, the lead character is a comedy writer (Jason Biggs) whose girlfriend (Christina Ricci) can only have sex with other men. No one knows neurotic like the Woodman. (MSNBC)

The magazine Mental Floss, whose founders say exists to "blur the line between education and entertainment," has come out with a challenge to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. But instead of Tyra Banks or Gisele Bundchen in skimpy bikinis the Mental Floss swimsuit special features the hot bods of Albert Einstein (cover boy), Chairman Mao and Eleanor Roosevelt. Probably the sexiest member of this group is Salvador Dali, who is shown in plaid shorts and a long-sleeved shirt with black and white splotches and a scent made of fish glue and cow manure. Hopefully, it's not a scratch and sniff page. (CNN)

Kim Cattrall, who plays sex kitten Samantha on "Sex and the City," met Bill Clinton at a party recently and described him as "charismatic" and "fascinating." But Cattrall says she is not as sexually aggressive as Sam who, if she had met Clinton, might not have been as polite. "Maybe we would have had a shorter conversation. Or a longer one," said Kim. (ABC News)

--Karen Croft

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Everybody loves money? The cast members of "Everybody Loves Raymond" have reportedly settled their salary disputes after weeks of quibbling and calling in sick. The last holdout, Brad Garrett, who plays Raymond's older brother, Robert, is expected to return to work today after forcing CBS to cough up as much as $10 million to ensure his continued on-screen presence this season. (N.Y. Post)

How do you say "Officer, officer ... not!" in French? "Real World: Paris" cast member Adam King was arrested Aug. 18 in Statesboro, Ga., home of fellow Real Worlder Ace Amerson, after "flagging down an officer and then running from him." He was charged with being a pedestrian under the influence and loitering/prowling and is currently out on bond. (Associated Press)

Michael Jackson must really need cash. The reclusive pop star is opening up his Neverland Ranch to 500 invited, paying guests for a "one-time-only gathering, complete with dinner, magicians, games and a tractor-trailer full of stuffed animals" on Sept. 13. Invitees who fork over $5,000 per couple can be assured that $1,000 of their moolah will go to charity. The rest will go to Jackson, purportedly to pay for the party. Next thing you know he'll be auctioning off pieces of his nose. (Associated Press)

Money Quote
Ellen DeGeneres on the false expectation that she'll dwell on her love life on her new daytime talk show: "I have a cat, I don't know that I'll talk about my cat all the time. My personal life doesn't come into play when interviewing people at all. ... People know I'm gay, there's no surprise there, I'm not hiding anything. And the stuff people keep focusing on is five years old. It's like at some point, I hope, it goes away." (N.Y. Daily News)

Best of the Rest

Page Six: Ed Norton said to be worried about ex-girlfriend Courtney Love, hoping that she'll enter rehab. Love said to have backed out as MTV Video Music Award presenter gig after $18,000 hair extension debacle, though flack blames absence on infection in her left foot; Annette Bening says, "We don't spank [our kids], although we'd like to"; 50 Cent seen "canoodling" with actress Vivica A. Fox; Anna Nicole Smith, 30 pounds lighter, joins cast of off-Broadway show "Pieces of Ass"; Patti Davis alarmed at John Hinckley Jr.'s bid for freedom.

The 411: Nicole Kidman rumored to have "slowed filming [of 'The Stepford Wives'] with complaints"; Kim Cattrall said to have irritated tennis fans with early, disruptive departure from U.S. Open tennis game; Whitney Houston called male cop who arrested her husband "a b----" and "repeated it several times." Adds the sergeant, "To say she was calm about [the arrest] would be a misstatement"; Bruce Willis dating 25-year-old former "Baywatch Hawaii" star Brooke Burns; Jim Carrey dating 23-year-old Danish model Betina Holte; Katie Holmes on seduction and stuff: "Nothing beats a great pair of Prada heels and an expensive bottle of Pinot Grigio. The shoes are sexy and wine loosens people up."

Boldface Names: How does the 60-carat diamond P. Diddy will borrow from New York jewelry designer Lorraine E. Schwartz to wear to the MTV Awards feel when held in the palm of one's hand? Like "a small apricot."

-- Amy Reiter

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