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Bill raves about Hill and Wesley, Jen says if Ben cheats she'll take his money and Justin raps for McDonald's. Plus: Dixie Chick disses Arnold!

By Salon Staff

Published September 9, 2003 2:41PM (EDT)

When Bill Clinton speaks, it's still news and the other night when Democratic bigwigs gathered at Bill and Hill's home in Chappaqua, N.Y., for cocktails and to ignore the current president's address to the nation, Mr. Clinton was heard to say that he thought the Democratic Party had "two stars" -- his wife and retired Gen. Wesley Clark. Sen. Clinton is still saying no to a run for president in '04 but Clark should be saying yes any day now. Wesley and Hillary make a cute political couple, don't you think? (NYTimes)

Well, with all the gossip about Ben Affleck and J-Lo's wedding and strippers and help being hard to find, the way-too-famous couple might have just solved the cheating problem -- at least for rich people. Seems Jen has developed a prenuptial agreement that says, in effect, "Hey, Ben, if you step out on me I get half your money!" It's brilliant in its simplicity. But what do normal suburban American wives do -- threaten to take their husband's riding lawnmower away? (Teen Hollywood)

I hate myself for including this item, but here goes: A Dixie Chick has opened her big mouth again. This time Emily Robison told a German magazine that Arnold Schwarzenegger " ... is a great film star. But I find his idea to run for governor absolutely insane. America should be governed by people who have a clue. I hope he doesn't win." Now what -- are their records going to be banned in Austria? (Ananova)

One of the coolest things about Canada is the Toronto Film Festival -- and everyone and his brother is there this week. A local paper reports sightings of Shalon Harlow, Stephen Glass, Neil Young, Graydon Carter, and a too-skinny Nicole Kidman. New York Times Magazine cover girl Sofia Coppola was spotted enjoying a Kobe beef burger. Maybe she should have shared it with Nicole. (National Post)

Speaking of burgers, "It" boy Justin Timberlake has just signed on to be the celeb pitch guy for McDonald's. He'll rap the new theme "I'm lovin' it" on TV spots. And of course Mickey D's will be sponsoring the kid's 35-city European tour. Yep. He's of the generation that doesn't know what "sellout" means. It's all about money, honey. (ABC 7)

-- Karen Croft

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Look out, more Arnold Schwarzenegger dirt from the '70s is likely headed your way. The California gubernatorial candidate's ex-girlfriend, Barbara Outland Baker, now an English professor at a California community college, is shopping around a book about their relationship, which lasted from 1969 to 1974. The memoir, which Baker's agent says is an "insider's account of Mr. Schwarzenegger's early years" with "lots of insights and never-before-told things about Arnold," is titled "Surviving Arnold," so you gotta figure it's not gonna be particularly flattering. (Reuters)

Court roundup: Marilyn Manson has been cleared of battery charges in a federal civil suit brought by a security guard who accused the odd-eyeballed rocker of standing at the edge of the stage during a concert, pulling the guard's head toward his crotch and gyrating before the crowd. The jurors in the case deliberated for two days, 11 hours, before delivering their verdict (Associated Press); Michael Jackson is close to settling his breach of contract and breach of confidence suit against the British TV company that produced Martin Bashir's creepy documentary on him (N.Y. Post); Aaliyah's parents have reached an "undisclosed settlement" in their lawsuit against the plane operator, owners and flight broker involved in the flight in which the singer/actress died in 2001 (Associated Press); Tom Sizemore is being sued for sexual harassment by a former assistant who claims that he offered her money to have sex with him, requested that she watch him masturbate to porn videos and insisted that she bring him drugs on demand. (N.Y. Daily News)

Money Quote:
Maria Shriver on the crush of protesters who greeted her during an appearance at a California mall on behalf of her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I think the more people that are involved in the political process, the better, even if it's picketing. I think that's what's great about this country." (Reuters)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Robert Downey Jr. and Winona Ryder dropped from next Woody Allen film because completion insurance with them would be too expensive; Ryder busy anyway throwing support behind "West Memphis Three, a trio of devil-worshippers on death row in Tennessee for the 1993 murder of a young boy in a Satanic ritual"; The Onion may be taking its news-parody to the big screen courtesy of Fox Searchlight (and could star "Daily Show" correspondent Rob Corddry); Brits throwing eggs, golf balls, and fish and chips at David Blaine, suspended over Thames in a Plexiglas box.

Rush and Molloy: Pamela Anderson says her "first experience with sex was nonconsensual" and that as a teen, "I had my clothes ripped off by a crazy, abusive guy I was dating who left me locked outside my house naked"; Harrison Ford hand delivers Oscar to Roman Polanski in France; Caroline Rhea on tennis: "I like to throw the racket down every time my opponent wins. It's very boring playing tennis with WASPs because they're, like, 'Good shot! Nice try! Next time! Fantastic!' I'm, like, 'Oh, shut up, and hit the ball!'"

Boldface Names: Craig Kilborn removes big wad of pink chewing gum from mouth, sticks it on "Q of the GQ" sign in front of which V.I.P.'s were posing on red carpet at GQ magazine party, says, "It wasn't me. It wasn't gum either. It was this very expensive fabric. Part of a silk handkerchief. There was a stain on the wood. And a gentleman was cleaning it off. He was doing a service."

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