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Meg and Alicia want to get married, Charlie Sheen to be a dad, and Bollywood star gets Ravi and Norah mad at him. Plus: You really can meet the love of your life at an airport!

Published October 3, 2003 2:32PM (EDT)

Let's take a break from Arnold and Rush, shall we? (For the latest gossip on them, see below.) Instead of paying attention to the big, ugly, rowdy guys, let's take a peek at what the lovely ladies are up to. Today, it's marriage. Alicia Silverstone, who is starring in a TV show about a divorce lawyer who is also a matchmaker, is trying to make her own real-life love connection. Seems she asked lead singer of S.T.U.N., Chris Jarecki, for his hand in marriage. Go, girl! And the perennially perky Meg Ryan is saying that even though she had a tough divorce (from Dennis Quaid) and a tough love affair (with Russell Crowe) she's ready for hubbie No. 2 to come along. "I believe in marriage," she says. (IMDB)

Speaking of settling down, former bad boy Charlie Sheen says he was hit by "love at first sight" when he met his wife, Denise Richards. Now they're married, she's pregnant with their first child and Sheen says his wild days are behind him. When asked why he used to go to prostitutes, he said it was "based on convenience." And when asked why he wasn't in a real relationship back then he answered, "I was in a real relationship -- every night!" Luckily, Richards laughed along with Charlie at that one. (ABC News)

"Law and Order" isn't the only production that rips its plots from the headlines. Clint Eastwood changed the details of his new movie, "Mystic River," based on the recent Catholic Church sex scandals. Instead of the child molestation being committed by men dressed as cops, one is dressed as a priest. Eastwood says he is not concerned about church reaction to the plot device: "In the story, it turns out [the pedophile] is not a member of the church, so I don't worry about that." (N.Y. Newsday)

Bollywood star Dev Anand is writing an English-language movie inspired by the story of Norah Jones and her father, Ravi Shankar, and Norah and her family are not happy about it. The film idea came to him, says Anand, when Jones won the Grammy for "Come Away With Me" in February and it became widely known that she was the famous sitarist's daughter. Anand, 79, will play Ravi Shankar, 82, in the movie and says that "I'm only flattering them by doing the story." Ravi's current wife, Sukanya, disagrees: "Nobody knows the inside story about our family except for us, really. It's nobody's business and intrudes on our privacy." (CNN)

The hassle of tight airport security is not all bad: Tall drink of water Jeff Goldblum met his bride to be, actress Catherine Wreford, at Washington's Sea-Tac airport when a mutual friend introduced them as Jeff was putting his shoes back on after a security check. He must have had his odor eaters in that day. (Yahoo News)

-- Karen Croft

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Things aren't getting any better for Rush Limbaugh or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While Schwarzenegger has apologized for his bad behavior toward women, which he swears is all in the past, Limbaugh has posted a note on his Web site saying he's "unaware of any investigation by any authorities involving me," in connection with allegations that he bought prescription painkillers by the boxful from his former housekeeper Wilma Cline. Rush has vowed to "cooperate fully" with the authorities, should they contact him.

But Matt Drudge reports that the National Enquirer, which broke the Rush pill story, is considering releasing incriminating audiotapes of Limbaugh made by Cline. Most embarrassing of all for Rush, though, is Cline's claim that, generally, when she handed him his drugs in a Cuban cigar box, he handed her a box of money back saying, "Here's the cabbage."

The cabbage?

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is being accused of praising Hitler as a hero. ABC News says it has uncovered a book proposal from "Pumping Iron" producer George Butler that includes an interview with Arnold in which he made the following comments: "I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it." Schwarzenegger says he doesn't remember making those comments and has "always despised everything Hitler stood for." (N.Y. Daily News)

And with all the ruckus over Rush and Arnold, few have bothered to notice that Courtney Love has been crying for help again. The former Hole front woman was arrested in Hollywood yesterday after trying to break into her former boyfriend and manager Jim Barber's house. The New York Daily News reports that LAPD officers were called in to make an arrest after Love started breaking windows. They hauled her in, called in a "drug-recognition expert," who said she appeared to be "under the influence of a controlled substance," and put her through a few tests, the results of which are not yet in. Love, for her part, is already out -- on $2,500 bail. Good thing she had the cabbage.

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Andrew and Kerry Kennedy Cuomo divorce said to have "really gotten ugly" over money issues; PETA plasters ugly picture of Donatella Versace all over Milan, accompanied by anti-fur slogan; rumors abound that Renée Zellweger and White Stripes singer Jack White have broken up; Halle Berry and her husband Eric Benet have called it quits, too; and pregnant Angie Harmon says she's been having erotic dreams, in which "I work at the Bunny Ranch and Ben Affleck, Brendan Fraser and Jeff Gordon are some of my regulars. I'm going after them every way, shape and form. I really do 'arrive' in my dreams."

Boldface Names: Notorious subway shooter Bernard Goetz objects to shrimp salad at lunch held at Michael Jordan's Steak House, says, "Anything with a face, I don't eat," claims to have originated phrase "Thanks for having me"; California gubernatorial candidate and porn star Mary Carey outlines platform: "I want to leave bars and nightclubs open until 4 in the morning. I also want to put a tax on plastic surgery and breast implants."

Rush and Molloy: Andrew Cuomo said to have found new job at a real-estate investment bank; Nicole Kidman not interested in sitting through screening of her new film, "Dogville," because the rape scenes are too hard to watch; London TV station says it's not sure if December 2000 tape of Arnold Schwarzenegger groping "Celebrity" host Melanie Sykes is in shape to release; Bono paints "Peter and the Wolf"-inspired pictures and plans to auction then to highest bidder; Billy Joel shatters his wrist reaching for light switch; is expected to make a full recovery; Bob Hope leaves $50 mill to establish a museum; Matt Lauer and wife, Annette, welcome second child, a daughter, Romy Lauer.

-- Amy Reiter

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