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It's Shannen vs. Paris, Koch vs. Krugman, and Spike Lee vs. soft, fluffy kitties! Plus: A Beatle has a baby.

Published October 30, 2003 10:58AM (EST)

Maybe she's amazed: Heather Mills and Paul McCartney have announced the birth of their first child together, Beatrice Milly McCartney, born Tuesday, three weeks early and by C-section, at a London hospital. The couple released a statement to the press saying they were "ecstatic" and that they "couldn't be prouder." Here's hoping that, by now, Mills has gotten over her former overriding emotion: surprise. Earlier this year, she told the press that health issues would likely prevent her from conceiving: "The chances of me getting pregnant are about that much," she said, holding her thumb and finger an inch apart. Give 'em an inch ... (Associated Press)

Boys will be boys ... sort of: Rod Stewart's manager, Arnold Stiefel, providing context for reports that his client was fond of calling Elton John names: "Rod calls Elton 'Sharon' and makes fun of his hair, but Elton calls Rod 'Phyllis' and makes fun of his nose." Well, that's OK then. (Page Six)

Best of the Rest
Page Six: Old Rat Pack hangout Jilly's, now Mikhail Baryshnikov's Russian Samovar, said to be haunted by the ghosts of Frank Sinatra and his cronies. Says the restaurant's manager, "The guy that lives on the third floor says he hears cards shuffling every night"; Elizabeth Smart reportedly turned down for role of ... Elizabeth Smart; N.Y. mag columnist Michael Wolff sends super-nasty e-mail to N.Y. Observer editor Peter Kaplan after paper gives his book a negative review; architect Richard Meier defends his Lucite carrying case for champagne, saying, "You can put different things in it. Not just champagne"; Paris Hilton and Shannen Doherty, who have fought in the past over former Hilton beau and current Doherty squeeze Rick Salomon, set to meet up at Floosie Lingerie show tomorrow night; Ed Koch calls N.Y Times columnist Paul Krugman "lame" and "lame-brained" in same sentence; Sandra Bullock's rep says Lance Armstrong never gave her client a charm bracelet inscribed "You keep my heart racing" and insists that the two Texans are just "close friends."

Rush and Molloy: Spike Lee accused of inhumanity to cats -- wanting to kick them -- by United Action for Animals president Gary Kaskel after squabble at New York Film Festival party; Henry Kissinger calls his dog, Abigail, his "daughter"; Chris Matthews rips Dick Cheney a new one, calls him "scary" and his war "totally dishonest," and calls George W. Bush "a man who never read any books, who didn't think too deeply"; Britney Spears' alleged stalker sues her for "extreme emotional distress"; Hayden Christensen says he doesn't "actively collect frogs," or stuffed ones or whatever, but that he has about 30 of them; Sadie Frost accuses Jude Law of bad behavior in divorce papers; Sting remembers catching his mother in midst of affair with milkman; Chelsea Clinton seen around town sans boyfriend Ian Klaus; Oscar De La Hoya spotted getting lap dance at Scores; Sandra Bullock's handlers say reports of her tête-à-tête dinner with Lance Armstrong failed to mention the other têtes that were there -- including tablemate Robin Williams.

Boldface Names: Studs Terkel says he's deaf, at work on book about folk music and jazz; David Gest's lawyer, Raul Felder, files divorce papers for Gest, says his client is "recuperating in Honolulu."

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