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Did media try to snoop on Jackson investigators? Plus: Barbra, Brolin and Arianna push Bush "Lies" book.

By Amy Reiter
Published December 1, 2003 3:19PM (EST)

Welcome back from your holiday peregrinations. Here's what you need to know before you start your working week (in easy post-relative-visit, pre-second-cup-of-coffee bullet form):

  • Roy Disney has resigned from the board of the Walt Disney Company and written one kickass letter of resignation ripping Michael Eisner a new one. (Sample line: "Michael, it is my sincere belief that it is you who should be leaving and not me.")

  • The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department has discovered a batch of wireless microphones in the bushes outside its offices in an area where employees take breaks and suspects it may have something to do with the Michael Jackson case. (Can't put one over on them!) Commented department spokesman Sgt. Chris Pappas, "It is being interpreted by the department as an attempt by somebody within the media to garner information that otherwise would not be available." (Associated Press)

  • Sobering memories: Ozzy Osbourne has told the London Daily Mirror that when he was 11 he was repeatedly sexually molested by other boys on his way home from school in Birmingham, England. "When I was a kid, people did not talk about these things like they do now," he said. (BBC News)

    Best of the Rest
    Page Six: Alex Kuczynski drools all over actor Viggo Mortensen in Vanity Fair cover story, writes stuff like, "He kisses me hello on the cheek. My vision goes blurry for a second, then -- steady, steady -- rights itself"; "Rich Girls" Ally Hilfiger invites MTV cameras to come along on Ferrari-buying spree with her and her dad, Tommy, who is rumored to have inquired, "Is Ralph Lauren getting one?"; British art collector Charles Saatchi is selling most of his Damien Hirst collection back to the artist amid Hirst complaints about his display methods; Sean "Puffy/P. Diddy" Combs said to be "desperately trying to buy up photos of him kissing a pretty blonde white girl" to keep them out of the press; world spared yet another TV show about rich kids as plug is pulled on Jason Davis/Dean Factor reality series; playwright Larry Myers pays visit to Linda Tripp's year-round Christmas store, Santa's Sleigh, in Middleburg, Va.; Bette Midler complains about the world's lack of shame, said Paris Hilton has done "absolutely nothing" to justify her fame.

    Rush and Molloy: Tammy Faye Messner refuses to set eyes on -- or be in the same room with -- Youree "Miss Cleo" Harris because she's morally opposed to Miss Cleo's "psychic" routine. (Do you think Miss Cleo saw it coming?); bidding escalates for exclusive rights to cover wedding of "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn and her publicly picked groom, Ryan Sutter; Oprah Winfrey buys Maui pad, Kelly Osbourne sells her Beverly Hills shack; Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Norman Lear and Arianna Huffington throw book party to promote "The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq"; Wyclef Jean says he recently returned to the Burger King where he once manned the counters to lord his musical success over his old boss.

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