"Thanks be to God and the Christian terrorist"

A supporter of the Army of God responds to "The Quiet Fall of an American Terrorist," by Frederick Clarkson.

By Salon Staff
January 6, 2004 3:31AM (UTC)
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In "The Quiet Fall of an American Terrorist," Frederick Clarkson rightly identified Clay Waagner, Eric Rudolph and James Kopp as Christian terrorists. In the article, Ellie Smeal, the president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, notes that "the investigative work that would lead you to the next one [Christian terrorist] is falling short" and that there are people still at large "who aided and abetted Kopp and Rudolph." Does Mrs. Smeal mean to put in jail all those who believe in and/or acted upon the defensive-action doctrine? This brings the prediction of the conspiracy theorists one step closer to reality.


The federal Department of Justice's "war on terror" will be waged against not only Muslims in foreign nations, but also Christian terrorists in our homeland. Both the Holy Bible and Koran condemn baby murder and homosexuality as capital crimes, and the radical elements of both religions are willing to do more than talk to resist the societal promotion of these crimes. While the foreign terrorists resist the imposition of the U.S./U.N. charter, which promotes "population control" (abortion) and "diversity" (homosexuality), the domestic Christian terrorist simply resists the law of the land, which promotes and often subsidizes abortion and homosexuality.

"There was a time in 2001," notes Clarkson, "when for the first time in history three of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted criminals were antiabortion domestic terrorists." What a sad commentary this is! The days of womb children murderers being found on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list is over. We have devolved. Indeed the wicked should be terrified of good men. Unrepentant baby murderers, sodomites, adulterers, man stealers, pedophiles, rapists and the like should indeed cringe in the shadows at the presence of a God-fearing man, even as they would cringe before Jesus, because they are to act as his body on earth, receiving him as their Governor.

I have heard it said that Christian terrorist Clay Waagner did some things wrong during his 10-month reign of terror and that he does not deserve hero status because he was a bank robber and a car thief. But it should also be noted that this bank-robbing, car-thieving terrorist is directly responsible for saving the lives of 5,000 innocent babies. What great things have brother Clay Waagner's detractors done to qualify them to stand in judgment of his deeds? Prudence would suggest we leave his wartime actions for God to judge and give honor to whom honor is due -- and for those who don't believe a war is going on, it's only because you don't hear their screams. Chalk up another hallelujah and a hip, hip, hooray for the Christian who terrorized the entire nation's abortion industry without firing a shot.


"How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers." Isa 1:21 (KJV)

The wicked civilian and the federal government appear to be co-conspirators in their coup to overthrow Christ and his people. For the most part the wicked are no longer terrified of the God-fearing man. Those blessed few that actually do terrify the wicked are vigorously denounced and punished by the government "of the people." I often weep over the persecution of the Christian terrorist in this country, for their oppression accomplishes three goals. First, it comforts and strengthens the wicked. Second, it discourages the would-be Christian terrorist from action. Third, it makes the Christian terrorist feel alone in his cause.

Most of the time when I leave the killing place my self-esteem diminishes, as I have failed where others have succeeded. Pleading, politics and pandering have done precious little to stop the holocaust against the innocent. But the Christian terrorist is not so inadequate. Dead abortionists don't kill babies, and a fire-bombed death camp can no longer facilitate the holocaust against them.


As cream rises to the top, so the Christian terrorist rises above the huddled masses of churchgoers and the many voices that denounce their violent attempts to defend the innocent from their murderous assailants.

-- Chuck Spingola

Salon Staff

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