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When celebrity family members want in on the action. Plus, morning briefing: Bush twins, Britney and David Gest. And the Madonna Primary closes.

By Amy Reiter
January 8, 2004 8:23PM (UTC)
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Courteney Cox and David Arquette's announcement yesterday that they were expecting a little Arquette hardly came as much of a surprise, despite the fact that the couple had been trying unsuccessfully for years to spawn. (Cox has had numerous miscarriages.) Back in October, Arquette's brother Alexis spilled his sister-in-law's baby beans during an appearance on Sharon Osbourne's TV talk show, prompting the couple's spokeswoman to comment, "When they are pregnant and ready to announce it, they will."

Here's a (alas, all-too-partial) list of other starlets with loose-lipped relatives that Cox can chew on with her saltines and Tums:


Drew Barrymore: In the span of just a few short months back in 2000, her mother, Jaid, A) put Drew's baby clothes up for auction on eBay ("Drew is such a special, amazing, magical person. I decided to put some of her things up on the Web site to allow people to be a part of Drew's life," Jaid wrote), B) got arrested for gun possession on Mother's Day, and C) shopped around a tell-all alleging, among other things, that she and Drew once fielded a request for a threesome from (and with) Warren Beatty. Of the book, Jaid's agent said, "It should go a long way toward healing [Drew and Jaid's] relationship."

Jennifer Aniston: The actress stopped talking to her mother, Nancy, after Nancy gave a revealing interview about her daughter on a TV talk show. Nancy, who was not invited to her daughter's wedding, followed up with a book, "From Mother and Daughter to Friends," in which she recalled that Aniston's voice was "distorted with rage" during their last phone call and published photos of the svelte star taken during her awkward teenage years. Nevertheless, Mama Aniston said she hoped the book would be a "healing exercise" that would serve as "an example of how to cope with and understand estrangement between parent and child."

Demi Moore: Moore's late mother, Virginia Guynes, with whom she reconciled shortly before Guynes died in 1998, had treated Moore to a childhood home plagued by substance abuse and maternal arrests for drunk driving and arson, among other things. In 1993, Guynes doffed her duds for High Society magazine and posed -- à la Demi in "Ghost" -- in front of a potter's wheel.


Julia Roberts: Although Roberts' older brother, Eric, helped Julia get her start in movies, the two have been estranged for years. Eric has admitted that his history of substance abuse is largely to blame for alienating his sister, whom he insists he loves and would desperately like to reconcile with, but at one point reportedly saw fit to tell Howard Stern that Julia had gotten "too big for her panties."

Mariah Carey: Her sister, Alison, claimed that she worked as a prostitute to support Mariah as she launched her singing career and that her sister "tried to bribe me and had me threatened to stop the publication" of an unpublished tell-all called "Mariah and Me."

Angelina Jolie: Though Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, with whom she has long had a rocky relationship, kissed and made up for a while there (they appeared together in 2001's "Tomb Raider"), things have been pretty rocky between them since he prematurely announced that his daughter had adopted a baby boy. He tried to make things better a few months later by telling the press that Jolie had "serious emotional problems that I have witnessed very closely."


Morning Briefing:

Blair in the air: USA Today star reporter Jack Kelley has resigned from the paper, despite the fact that accusations that he'd falsified stories had been looked into and proven seemingly unjustified. (Washington Post)

Blame the in-laws: Britney Spears' groom's mom says Spears' mom is to blame for breakup of quickie marriage, claims Lynne Spears "hit the roof" when she heard the nuptial news. (People magazine)


Take the money and run: In other Britney wedding news, groom Jason Allen Alexander has been offered $1 million for the videotape of the Vegas nuptials. Jackpot! (N.Y. Daily News)

Secret's out: First twins Jenna and Barbara Bush said to have squandered good will of Secret Service men assigned to protect them by treating them as "their enemies -- and their chauffeurs, bellhops and valets." (Washington Post via Page Six)

To put it mildly: David Gest stands Liza Minnelli up in divorce court because, his lawyer says, "He's in very, very bad shape" onaccounta the beatings he says Liza routinely ministered to him. Lawyer also implies that Minnelli has a creepy disease, but is ordered by judge not to repeat his claim. (N.Y. Post)


Money Quote:

Madonna has posted the following letter on her Web site:

"I've never done this before. But life is about taking risks is it not?

"I know that people seem to pay attention to everything I do. Big or Small. Ridiculous or Sublime. So I am hoping they pay attention to this:


"I am supporting General Wesley Clark for President.

"Not only as a 'celebrity' but as an American citizen and as a mother. I want my children to grow up with the same opportunities that I had -- to know and understand what's going on in the world and to travel that world safely and with pride.

"Now I'm asking you to join me.

"I am writing to you because the future I wish for my children is at risk.


"Our greatest risk is not terrorism and it's not Iraq or the 'Axis of Evil.' Our greatest risk is a lack of leadership, a lack of honesty and a complete lack of consciousness. Unfortunately our current government cannot see the big picture. They think too small. They suffer from the "what's in it for me?" syndrome. The simple truth is that the current administration has squandered incredible opportunities to bring the world together, to promote peace in regions that have only known war, to encourage health in places that are ravaged with disease, to make us more secure by living up to our principles at home and abroad. The simple truth is that the policies of our current administration do not reflect what is great about America.

"Thankfully, there is now a candidate running for President who is committed to ensuring that our country lives up to its promise and its people. He is a decorated soldier and a respected diplomatic leader, who has already given 34 years to his country. He is smart and he is good. He has worked hard to get where he is and he is a national hero.

"A perfect example of the American Dream.

"I've never aligned myself with a presidential candidate during the primary season. But this time, the stakes are too high, we have too much to lose and there is so much work to be done.


"I'm supporting General Wesley Clark in 2004 and have committed to do all that I can to help his campaign in the coming months. I ask you to visit his website today to learn about his candidacy, his vision for our nation and the many ways you can get involved.

"I've looked at all the Democratic candidates. I respect them all for their dedication and patriotism. But I'm supporting Wes Clark because in him I see the qualifications, character and vision that we so desperately need.

"We are a country with incredible promise. As Americans we enjoy opportunities like no other. Unfortunately we take these opportunities for granted. You may not agree with everything I say or do, but whether you're rich or poor, young or old, black or white, gay or straight, I know you share my concern and recognize the need for change.

"Even if you've never been involved with politics before, please consider joining with me. If you can give, give generously. If you can volunteer time, get involved now. And if you can vote, this time ... make sure you do.


"Wesley Clark has asked for my support and now I'm asking for yours.


"PS: Please spread this message to everyone you know."

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