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Rolling Stone, Dave Eggers and Sidney Blumenthal join forces with Salon to cover the 2004 election. Time to subscribe!

By Salon Staff
January 17, 2004 6:34AM (UTC)
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It's wartime in America, overseas and at home. And with one of the most crucial presidential elections in U.S. history now underway -- pitting a warrior president against a Democratic pack led by an aggressive war critic and a war-hating general -- Salon is escalating its coverage of the political hostilities.

I'm writing to announce that Salon has joined forces with Rolling Stone magazine to report and publish a series of investigative articles on the Bush presidency and the historic campaign that seeks to replace it. From Hunter Thompson's gonzo days to the present, Rolling Stone has a legendary record of uncovering the fear and loathing in American politics. Salon is proud to partner with Rolling Stone editor and founder Jann Wenner and his excellent news team.


Late Thursday, watch as Salon launches an up-to-the-minute political blog, War Room '04, that will sort through the daily avalanche of election news and highlight the most important scoops, polls and political dish for our readers.

Salon's campaign coverage will be sharpened by the addition of Sidney Blumenthal to our news team as a columnist. Blumenthal is a savvy Washington journalist who has worked for the Washington Post, the New Yorker and the New Republic, as well as serving as a key member of President Clinton's White House staff -- an experience he vividly brought to life in his bestselling memoir, "The Clinton Wars."

Finally, I am delighted to announce that the talented novelist and memoirist Dave Eggers -- who once served a stint as an underpaid Salon editor before he was crowned with literary glory -- is returning to Salon with a bitingly funny novel about the American political circus that we will begin serializing on Monday, Jan. 26. Eggers' serial will appear every other week, exclusively in Salon.


American political journalism is too often characterized by a crushingly conventional groupthink. The Washington press pack has a shameful record of gullibility and acquiescence when it comes to covering the secretive Bush camp, and an odd glee for spiteful personality journalism when it comes to chronicling Democratic contenders. But Salon aims for the big, uncovered stories and the kind of emperor-has-no-clothes commentary you can't find anywhere else.

As Salon rolls out its big political guns, there is no better time to become a Salon Premium subscriber. (If you're already a subscriber, consider giving one as a gift to someone who you think should be reading our coverage.) Your subscription dollars make a direct, critical difference in supporting the kind of fearless, independent journalism you expect from us. Join Salon as we plunge into this momentous election year with our exclusive lineup of investigative reporters, commentators and satirists. Don't let the droning media mandarins put you to sleep -- jump on the Salon bandwagon now and let us take you places you've never been before.

-- David Talbot

Salon Staff

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