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By Salon Staff
Published February 20, 2004 3:43AM (UTC)
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Dear Salon Premium Member:

If you're like me, you already feel that this year's U.S. presidential race isn't a routine election but a watershed event, one that will make a critical difference for the nation and the world.

If you feel that way now, think how you're likely to feel just two months before the polls! That's when Salon will set sail with our inaugural cruise to the Caribbean -- gathering Salon editors, readers and special guest speakers for a thoughtful, independent-minded, Salon-style political forum. As Salon Premium members, you get first dibs in reserving the best cabins for the cruise.


You'll want to join us September 4th through the 10th for a good old fashioned salon with some of the strongest voices in progressive politics:

  • Ann Richards, the former Texas governor and veteran Bush-watcher, whose unforgettable description of the first President Bush -- "born with a silver foot in his mouth" -- still rings true in describing his son

  • Joe Conason, the Salon columnist and author, hot on the heels of his best-seller, "Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth"

  • Joe Wilson, the former U.S. ambassador who blew the whistle on President Bush's claims of an Iraq-Niger uranium connection -- and was rewarded for his honesty by having his wife's CIA cover illegally blown, in a controversy that is still dogging the Bush administration

  • Sidney Blumenthal, the Salon columnist and former White House official, whose recent book, "The Clinton Wars," took a bold stand against the conservative smear machine

  • Joan Walsh, Salon's vice president for news, who has led our award-winning political coverage since the dark days of the campaign to depose Bill Clinton

    I'll be there as well to add my take and keep the discussions lively. I hope you'll join us.

    Just click here to find out more about the cruise and book your trip. But hurry -- we can only hold these cabins for one week for Salon Premium members, before making them available to all our readers.

    See you on board,

    David Talbot

    Editor, Salon

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