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Jeweled Victoria's Secret bras for Charlize and Keisha? Should we feel sorry for Ben Affleck? And who wants to see a TV series about the Department of Homeland Security? Bush and Ridge, that's who!

By Salon Staff
February 27, 2004 7:28PM (UTC)
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Afternoon Briefing:

A nice appetizer for Martha: The judge in the Martha Stewart case threw out the most serious charge -- securities fraud -- today, saying, "No reasonable juror can find beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant lied for the purpose of influencing the market for the securities of her company." Now she just faces the charges of obstruction of justice and making false statements. (Reuters)


Oscar anxiety: Along with deep fears that someone will show up in a tutu, squeamish Academy Award show planners are worried that political statements might pop up when advertisers are least expecting it. And this is the year when activist actors -- most notably Tim Robbins and Sean Penn -- are fairly likely to win. (AFP)

Swag rules! Perhaps as important as who wins on Sunday is what loot the Academy Award nominees get in their gift bags. One blogger did research and came up with a partial list. The best actress nominees get a jeweled Victoria's Secret bra and diamond and white-gold tweezers. But the best bonbon has to the "limited edition tin of Altoids mints, encrusted with crystals," each of which takes 10 hours to make. The tin, that is, not the mints. (Girl Hacker)

Poker-faced Ben: Mr. Affleck is spending a lot of time playing cards since his split with J.Lo, appearing twice on the strange television show "Celebrity Poker Showdown." Even one of the show's insiders says, "It's a bit sad really. You're left thinking, 'Hasn't he got anything better to do?'" (IMDB)


Ripped from the headlines: Could the president be eyeing a future in Hollywood? George W. Bush and Tom Ridge are rumored to be involved in a new television series "D.H.S. -- The Series" about the Department of Homeland Security. Word is the dynamic duo will "endorse and contribute sound bites to the introductions of the series." Stars mentioned as possibly attached to this idea include Gary Busey, Sean Astin and Burt Reynolds. (E! via Yahoo)

Money Quote:

From Jayson Blair's memoir: "Zuza [my girlfriend] took pictures of me prancing around the newsroom wearing a Persian head wrap that covered my face, Kermit the Frog on my shoulders and a giant fake-fur coat. I did a full tour de newsroom in this peculiar uniform. It is hard to know what I was feeling, other than it was exhilarating to shock everyone. Perhaps I was crying out for attention." (New York Daily News)


-- Karen Croft

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Morning Briefing:

Beating around the Bush: After tying the knot with her partner, Kelli Carpenter, in a solemn ceremony in San Francisco, Rosie O'Donnell had this to say about what motivated her: "We were both inspired to come here after the sitting president made the vile and hateful comments he made ... One thought ran through my mind on the plane out here -- with liberty and justice for all." Then she held up a peace sign to the cheering crowd and kissed Carpenter for the cameras. (Associated Press)


The really shocking news about Rosie? Word is that she saw "The Passion of the Christ" in New York on the day it was released, Ash Wednesday, and upon leaving the theater told a paparazzo that she liked the movie. (Page Six)

Trumpeting the swan: Joan and Melissa Rivers say stars are dressing more carefully for awards shows like the Oscars, thanks to them, but that someone will still look silly this year. "There's always someone who it just doesn't happen for. It just doesn't come together. Even the very best of plans can go askew," Joan says in anticipation of her big red-carpet routine. Her daughter adds, "I hope we have some Bjork moments." (Reuters)

What a boob: Howard Stern says it's all Janet Jackson's breast's fault that Clear Channel has pulled his show from its radio stations. "I'm under attack. They've been after me since 1992, and they're having their way with me. Then Janet Jackson whipped out her boob and it's all over." (Reuters)


Rush to the rescue? Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, blames the government for Stern's misfortune. "I've never heard Howard Stern, but when the federal government gets involved in this [censorship], I get a little frightened," Limbaugh, whose own radio show is owned by Clear Channel, told his listeners. "It's one thing for a company to determine if they are going to be party to it. It's another thing for the government to do it." (Drudge)

Money Quotes:

"West Wing" co-executive producer Llewellyn Wells during a discussion about the entertainment industry and the government: "Hollywood is dog-eat-dog. And Washington is the complete reverse." (Associated Press)


Jennifer Aniston on the prospect of a "Friends" reunion: "I think that would cheapen it. Do you remember the 'Brady Bunch' reunion show? You remember the 'Happy Days' reunion show? Were they ever good? Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap." (Entertainment Weekly)

-- Amy Reiter

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