A "Passion" that burns

A grab bag of Salon's coverage of Mel Gibson's controversial film: Reviews, news and more.

By Salon Staff
February 28, 2004 2:33AM (UTC)
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Just in case you haven't read or heard quite enough about "The Passion of the Christ," Mel Gibson's just-released movie about Jesus' grueling final 12 hours, here's a rundown of our recent coverage of the film.

Jan. 27, 2004: Inside Mel Gibson's "Passion"
A clergyman infiltrates the grass-roots campaign for Gibson's new Gospel film to catch a screening and reports that Jews, Arabs -- and Christians -- should be worried.
By Cintra Wilson


Feb. 17, 2004: Passionate finger pointing
Mel Gibson defends "The Passion of the Christ" to Diane Sawyer, professing his faith -- and seeing lots of conspiracies.
By Heather Havrilesky

Feb. 17, 2004: The Fix
Mel Gibson on sucking up sin with his proboscis.
By Amy Reiter

Feb. 18, 2004: Mad Mel
Gibson has accused a lot of people -- including me -- of plotting against his controversial new "The Passion of the Christ." Is it brilliant marketing, or serious paranoia?
By Christopher Noxon


Feb. 24, 2004: The Fix
Reviewers rip into "The Passion."
By Amy Reiter

Feb. 26, 2004: "The Passion of the Christ"
Mel Gibson's horrific portrait of the torture and bloody death of Jesus casts Christian faith as a macho endurance test -- but where's God?
By Stephanie Zacharek

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