Hong Kong TV launches naked news

By The Associated Press
Published February 27, 2004 11:47PM (UTC)
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Pay TV in Hong Kong is about to launch a newscast that promises to uncover everything as the anchorwoman strips while summarizing current events.

Ice Fire Channel general manager Jesse Au admitted the station borrowed the idea from nude broadcasting pioneers in Russia and Canada.


He said the content will be mostly light because viewers are expected to watch harder than they listen.

But 18-year-old "Ice Fire News" host Chan Long insisted her job takes skill.

"It's not easy, synchronizing news reading and taking off all your clothes," Chan was quoted as telling the South China Morning Post.


The show debuts Saturday night and already is drawing mixed reviews.

Philip Pun, a 40-year-old insurance company manager, voiced reservations to an Associated Press reporter.

"Chinese culture is relatively conservative," Pun said.

Denny Wu, a 45-year-old construction materials salesman, said news and sex shouldn't be mixed.


"Shows that provide information should be more traditional," Wu said. "It's OK to try for a relaxing atmosphere, but this has lewd intentions."

Secondary school student Tommy Ng, 18, was enthusiastic.

"I'd watch it," he said with a sheepish smile. Then he quickly added: "Only secretly.'

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