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Disney World removes Janet Jackson-inspired statue, Elle Macpherson lingerie ad yanked, and Neil Simon gets a new kidney. Plus: Mr. and Mr. Elton John?

By Salon Staff
Published March 3, 2004 2:13PM (EST)

Afternoon Briefing:

The Mouse mad at Janet?: The people at Disney World just removed a 6-foot, 700-pound statue of Mickey Mouse in a tight black-leather outfit, inspired by Janet Jackson's 1990 "Rhythm Nation" album, that had been on display since last fall. No word on whether it was because of the Super Bowl incident or just because the outfit was just so '90s. (

Knickers ad banned in Britain: A lingerie ad showing supermodel Elle Macpherson through a keyhole wearing a bra -- and with her thumbs tucked into her scanty panties -- was nixed by Britain's Advertising Standards Agency over protests by the editors of Vogue who were set to run it. Someone, who was obviously peering closely, said it looked too much like Elle was pleasuring herself. (Sky News)

Semi-precious Charlize: Charlize Theron not only got a gold statue on Sunday, she'll soon have a new bauble to call her own. A South African jeweler has named a recently discovered turquoise colored amazonite stone the "Star of Charlize" after being impressed with the actress at the Academy Awards ceremony. Theron will get the gem -- once it's cut, polished and turned into something she can wear. (Ananova)

Way beyond the call of duty: Neil Simon's publicist, Bill Evans, donated a kidney to the playwright yesterday. Both men are doing well at a New York hospital. (Reuters)

Don't try this at home: A Connecticut woman, perhaps attempting to baptize herself, drove her car into the water at a local park. When officers reached her she told them she wanted to reenact a scene from the movie "The Passion of the Christ," which she had seen recently. (New Britain Herald)

-- Karen Croft

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Morning Briefing:

Mr. and Mr. Elton John? The flamboyant musician says he's seriously considering getting hitched to his longtime beau David Furnish when and if Parliament passes a law making civil unions possible in England. "I'm totally for it," he says of gay marriage. "In this day and age, if people who want to make a life commitment can't have protection, then we live in a pretty sick world." (Rush and Molloy)

Gawker meets talker: Martha Stewart trial witness Doug Faneuil is working at a New York gallery co-owned by snarky gossipist Choire Sicha. Very strange. (Rush and Molloy)

Rolling Rich gathered by Moss? Word is that Adam Moss, who recently left the New York Times to take over the editorship of New York magazine, is trying to get Times cultureman Frank Rich to join him at the mag, though a "specific offer isn't on the table yet." (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown)

Warble this: Kevin Smith wants the world to know that Ben Affleck can carry a perfectly respectable tune -- and that it's Affleck himself singing along with Liv Tyler in Smith's "Jersey Girl." "If they ever revive 'Starlight Express,' he should strap on some skates and take to the stage," Smith told the press. (Page Six)

Siegfried's pride: Mauled tiger tamer Roy Horn is back on his feet. According to his spokeswoman, Horn walked 558 paces last week with the help of a wheeled walking device, a testament to the showman's "strong willpower" and dedicated physical therapy. (E! Online)

Cold quote Did Renée Zellweger really tell the Austrian magazine News that she "certainly earned" the Oscar? No. The magazine has apologized for falsely quoting Zellweger as follows: "I've certainly earned the award. Last year I was nominated for 'Chicago' but I left empty-handed. I think this year Hollywood will be fair." Turns out no one at the magazine even interviewed the actress. (St. Petersburg Times)

-- Amy Reiter

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