The Fishmonger Returns

In the 14 hours since Rebecca had given her speech, it had been downloaded 8,237 times and made its way around the world many times over. Now, her fans wanted her to speak to them.

Published March 9, 2004 11:40PM (EST)

Ten minutes later, Rebecca found herself sitting on a small plastic chair, blue and meant for middle-school children, surrounded by 80 or so would-be volunteers, radiating from her like rays from a sun -- or, depending on how one saw it, like a school of carnivorous fish circling a guppy.

The rest of this story is no longer online, but does appear in the book "The Unforbidden Is Compulsory, or Optimism."

By Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is the author of "You Shall Know Our Velocity" and "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius."

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