The Fishmonger Returns

She has a donated castle and an army of volunteers wearing T-shirts saying "I Drank the Kool-Aid." So what is Rebecca supposed to do now?

Published March 10, 2004 9:14PM (EST)

The next day, Rebecca and Giacomo watched everything in their sad and small storefront office disappear in a matter of minutes, thrown into the back of two station wagons and a minivan, and then witnessed, awed, those objects reappear inside a huge building resembling in every way a castle, though one located in the middle of downtown Chicago. It had once been a very popular under-21 nightclub called Pandora's, with five stories and dozens of rooms and balconies and nooks where depressed teenagers would find temporary solace in each other's henna-tattooed arms. The building was now abandoned, having lost its license when two teenagers gave birth to babies in adjoining stalls the same night a group of boys were caught sacrificing a goat to Peter Murphy.

The rest of this story is no longer online, but does appear in the book "The Unforbidden Is Compulsory, or Optimism."

By Dave Eggers

Dave Eggers is the author of "You Shall Know Our Velocity" and "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius."

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