Fla. GOP: "Let Ralph Run!"

Published July 1, 2004 4:07PM (EDT)

Ralph Nader has strange bedfellows in yet another swing state today. A Florida Republican Party press release titled "Let Ralph Run!" accuses state Democrats of being hypocrites by promising to resist Nader's access to the Florida ballot. "The Democrats are quick to use the issue of voter disenfranchisement to their benefit and yet have no problem unleashing their legal sharks on Ralph Nader in what is an obvious effort to prop up their faltering candidate, John Kerry." If by faltering, the Republicans mean Kerry is in a dead heat with their candidate, then, yes, they would be right. And we can't help but wonder who the real hypocrites are in this situation, Republican organizations shamelessly betraying the significant ideological differences between themselves and Ralph Nader to draw votes from John Kerry, or the Democrats who insist that Nader make it onto the ballot the legal way.

By Stephen W. Stromberg

Stephen W. Stromberg is a former editorial fellow at Salon.

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