Special Independence Day offer

Salon celebrates the Fourth of July by offering active-duty soldiers free Premium subscriptions.

Published July 4, 2004 12:01AM (EDT)

As the country celebrates the Fourth of July, we feel it's the appropriate time for Salon to extend the following offer to all active-duty military personnel. If you are currently serving in the U.S. military and have a .mil e-mail address, we will give you a free one-year Salon Premium subscription. If you are one of the active-duty GIs already receiving Salon Premium, we will extend your subscription for a year free of charge.

If you're not a current subscriber just go to this page and enter your .mil e-mail address. We'll send you a confirmation message with all your log-in information. If you are a current Premium subscriber, just e-mail us at premiumhelp@salon.com and we'll adjust your account accordingly. Please note that we'll only be able to create Premium subscriptions for .mil e-mail addresses.

The most robust democracies are built on an informed citizenry. And nowhere is this free flow of information more essential than in the armed forces, whose men and women risk their lives to make sure our nation's highest principles are not written on air, but have blood and sinew. We hope our simple gesture opens another channel into this bastion of American democracy.

P.S. If you're not in the military but still want to support Salon's unique perspective, we encourage you to join Salon Premium today.

By Salon Staff

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