Love in the age of high security

Published July 26, 2004 3:55PM (EDT)

Convention security has already been a big story in Boston -- long lines to enter the Fleet Center, after you pass through a maze to get there -- but delegates say the inconvenience could have one unintended consequence: far less after-hours romance than at past conventions, thanks to draconian hotel-lobby security. I saw the problem firsthand (but innocently): Heading to the California delegation breakfast at the Westin Copley, I took a wrong turn and walked toward the hotel elevators, only to be stopped by two hotel employees demanding my room key (Salon is staying at a far less tony, faraway Best Western, along with the New York Times). "It means you can't have a guest up to your room!" one pol complained, tongue only partly in cheek. One way around it is to make sure the person who catches your eye is staying at the same hotel -- but that means they're likely part of the same state delegation. Which is a good way to ensure that what happens in Boston very likely won't stay in Boston, so same-state lovers, be discreet!

By Joan Walsh

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