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Laura Bush disses Diddy, Janet Jackson regrets apology, and Vincent Gallo says Brad Pitt has the lips of a "homoerotic icon." Plus: Did Amber Frey know about Scott Peterson's nickname, "Horny Bastard"?

By Salon Staff
Published August 24, 2004 9:27AM (EDT)

Turn On:
John Kerry gives his first national TV interview since the whole Swift boaters for Bush attack to Jon Stewart tonight on "The Daily Show" (11 p.m. ET, Comedy Central). And Discovery Times readies for the upcoming election with "Ballot Battles" (8 p.m. ET), which examines voting-system flaws past and present, and what is being done to correct them.

Morning Briefing:
Bad news for Jacko: Wrapping up a week-long hearing, the judge presiding over Michael Jackson's child molestation case has tentatively ruled as admissible at least some of the evidence gathered by police during a raid on Neverland ranch a few months back. The judge is expected to issue a final ruling about the evidence in question in September. Meanwhile, although the nature of the evidence has been shrouded in secrecy, reports that a tape of the voice of a frightened child was played in court and may have been among the items seized at the ranch. (Reuters, ANI/

Kissing the hip-hop vote goodbye? Sources have told both the New York Post and the New York Daily News that Sean (Puffy/P. Diddy) Combs opted to cancel a scheduled performance at last night's opening of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati after Laura Bush, who was also scheduled to appear, told organizers that she would rather not share a stage with him. "Her reps made it very clear to Freedom Center that they would not have Laura Bush appearing in the same photo-op as P. Diddy," one source told the Post's Page Six. And a bewildered Combs aid told the News' Rush and Molloy. "We don't understand why she wouldn't want to stand with him. He hasn't been partisan at all." (Page Six, Rush and Molloy)

Keepin' it lite at the big murder trial: When the judge in the Scott Peterson trial indicated to defense lawyer Mark Geragos that he could cross-examine prosecution star witness Amber Frey, Geragos revealed himself to be quite the cut-up. "No questions," he said, followed by a smirking "Just kidding." Har, har, har. Then he asked her all about her sex life, and her statement to police that, as Geragos put it, "you had sex with Scott on at least three occasions out of the four or five times you were with him, and that one of these times you had unprotected sex, right?" While Frey allowed as this was true, she denied Geragos' suggestion that a friend of hers had told Frey the nickname bestowed on Peterson by his friends: "Horny Bastard." (N.Y. Post)

Money Quotes:
Janet Jackson expressing a few regrets about her Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction": "I shouldn't have apologized. You don't apologize for an accident. It just makes you look guilty." (Genre magazine via Page Six)

Vincent Gallo on who would play Chloë Sevigny's blow-job-giving character in a gay remake of "The Brown Bunny": "Brad Pitt has been so lubricated by Steven Klein that hes ready for it. He has the lips. I cant think of a more homoerotic icon than Brad." (HX magazine)

-- Amy Reiter

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