Salon's RNC highlights

It was a wild and woolly convention in New York. Read Salon's highlights.

By David Talbot

Published September 3, 2004 5:56PM (EDT)

Labor Day marks the traditional start of the presidential election season. As Salon's news team packs up and leaves New York after a wild week covering the Republican National Convention, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss the highlights.

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George W. Bush's missing year

The widow of a Bush family confidant says her husband gave the future president an Alabama Senate campaign job as a favor to his worried father. Did they see him do any National Guard service? "Good lord, no."
By Mary Jacoby

Swaggering toward Election Day

With the 9/11 tragedy as his backdrop, George Bush rediscovers "compassionate conservatism" in time to court women voters
By Mary Jacoby

John Kerry comes out swinging

Angry at being called "unfit to serve" by men who didn't, the Democrat finally fights back
By Tim Grieve

The truth isn't out there

From Dick Cheney on down, the Republican convention's speakers haven't let the facts get in the way of their partisan ferocity.
By Tim Grieve

The convention goes to Zell

Faux Democrat Zell Miller went wild as a GOP pitchman.
By Geraldine Sealey

Right Hook: RNC bloggers gone wild!

They promised substance over style -- hard-hitting, inside scoops. So say hello to Bo Derek, Miss America, TV star Angie Harmon, and "Ari Fleischer's guide to red-hot G.O.P. love."
By Mark Follman

Wrecks in the city

The Bush twins deliver less than expected results in their convention debut
By Rebecca Traister

Gotham rebels

While platitudes ring out at the GOP Garden party, protesters -- from Iraq Veterans Against the War to activists in Bill O'Reilly masks -- fan out across the city. Police crack down with handcuffs, nets and mass arrests.
By Michelle Goldberg

The Ben Barnes blackout*

Even with new video of the Texas pol saying he's "ashamed" of helping President Bush get his National Guard slot, the story gets little play from the media.
By Eric Boehlert

* Salon was the first news organization to feature a video of the Texas leader saying he was "ashamed" he pulled strings to get young George Bush a place in the National Guard; just after this piece, "60 Minutes" announced it would air an interview with Barnes on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

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