Susan Estrich tells Dems: Organize "Dead Texans for Truth"

Published September 6, 2004 5:03AM (EDT)

Sometimes if you watch Susan Estrich on Fox News, you'll find yourself thinking: She's not a Democrat anymore, she just plays one on TV. But her syndicated column this week is evidence that while the former Michael Dukakis campaign manager sometimes strays -- she was a little bit too taken with the California recall campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger -- she's never completely left the fold.

Like a lot of Democrats, Estrich has been driven beyond polite bipartisan discourse by the savage Bush campaign against John Kerry -- particularly the outrage that a slacker who used his family connections to avoid the Vietnam War is now savaging the war record of someone who fought and bled and saved lives there. It's enough to drive anyone to extremes, and Estrich is well on her way. Her Sunday column advised that Democrats not only get mad, but get even. Estrich suggested the following Democratic front groups follow in the path of the phony Swift Boat Veterans for Truth:

"How about Dead Texans for Truth, highlighting those who served in Vietnam instead of the privileged draft-dodging president, and ended up as names on the wall instead of members of the Air National Guard.

"Or maybe it will be Texas National Guardsmen for Truth, who can explain exactly what George W. Bush was doing while John Kerry was putting his life on the line. Perhaps with money on the table, or investigators on their trail, we will learn just what kind of wild and crazy things the president was doing while Kerry was saving a man's life, facing enemy fire and serving his country.

"Or could it be George Bush's Former Female Friends for Truth. A forthcoming book by Kitty Kelley raises questions about whether the president has practiced what he preaches on abortion. As Larry Flynt discovered, a million dollars loosens lips. Are there others to be loosened?"

Estrich anticipates her readers' reactions: "Are you shocked? Remember Dukakis? Now he teaches at Northeastern University. John Kerry has been very fair in dealing with the Swift Boat charges. That's why so many of my Democrat friends have decided to stop talking to the campaign, and start putting money together independently.

"The arrogant little Republican boys who strutted around New York this week, claiming that they have this one won, would do well to take a step back. It could be a long and ugly road to November."

Can't wait to see Estrich telling these same stories on Fox News.

By Joan Walsh

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