Kerry declares war on Bush's Iraq policy

Published September 20, 2004 8:32PM (EDT)

In recent days concern has swirled around the Kerry campaign for lack of a persuasive message on national security and the Iraq war. But as reported across the media this morning, the Dems will concentrate on laying siege to Bush's Iraq policy through the homestretch of the campaign. And indeed, Kerry came out today with guns blazing during a campaign speech at New York University: "If we do not change course [in Iraq], there is the prospect of a war with no end in sight," he said, charging that Bush's record there has been "filled with bad predictions, inaccurate cost estimates, deceptive statements and errors of judgment of historic proportions."

In addition to a detailed, withering criticism of Bush's handling of the war, Kerry went on to describe a four-point plan for what he believes needs to be done, from bringing in more international forces and aid, to setting up U.N. protection for upcoming elections. Salon has the full text of the speech posted here.

By Mark Follman

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