Just days to the election -- Get out the truth!

Volunteer in a swing state, phone bank from home, and get a 2-for-1 gift offer from Salon.

Published September 30, 2004 10:27PM (EDT)

Just a few days to go.

Salon readers can still make a difference in this watershed national election. Here's our guide to getting out the vote in swing states, and in crucial congressional districts. And just to get you inspired, here's Tim Grieve's dispatch from Bruce Springsteen's moving appearance with John Kerry in Madison, Wis. But there's one more way you can get involved: Spread the word and support Salon's independent reporting with a 2-for-1 membership offer between now and Nov. 2. Join Salon Premium now and we'll give you a free gift membership to give to a friend or family member.

We're proud to say Salon's readership and membership is at an all-time high, because regular readers like you count on us to break stories the mainstream media has to follow. In just the last few weeks the major media has followed Salon's lead on these crucial stories:

  • The real story of Bush's time away from the Texas Air National Guard.
  • How a GOP consulting firm discouraged Democrats from voting in swing states.
  • And the story you can't get enough of, the truth about that strange bulge on President Bush's back. (We still don't know what it is, but Bush can't blame his tailor anymore).

    With just days remaining until the election, we think it's exactly the right time to get out the truth. Now through Nov. 2, you can join and get a gift membership for free. Give the membership to a friend, family member, undecided voter or whoever you think would benefit most from the unadulterated truth. We'll invest your membership dollars right back into more dogged investigative reporting and commentary. By supporting us, you'll be helping keep a free and fearless press alive.

    Get out the truth. Vote for Salon with our 2 for 1 offer today. It'll help us keep doing our job.

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