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Creating language and legends -- or just forgetting keys: What TTers are saying this week.

By Salon Staff
Published October 8, 2004 1:54PM (EDT)

Private Life

My low-IQ moment of the day ...

Aspidistra - 06:18 p.m. Pacific Time - Oct. 7, 2004 - #584 of 585

Because we occasionally have thefts from offices in my building, I lock my purse in a two-drawer file cabinet every day. I put the key in my pocket and unlock the purse at the end of the day to go home. I took the precaution of keeping a spare key in a safe place in the office, too.

You know where this is going, don't you?

Today, at 6:30 p.m., I feel around in my pocket for the key. Can't find it. I was wearing a denim skirt with pockets and a jacket with pockets, and it's just not there to be found. So I go to the spot(s) where I think I put the spare key. I find spare keys to other cabinets, but not to this one.

It's too late to call maintenance, and my car keys are fortunately in the pocket of my outdoor jacket, so I decide to just go home and call maintenance in the morning. I drive home, then just for good measure I empty the contents of my pockets one more time. Still no key. OH and I go out for a quick dinner. He has to drive and pay for dinner since I have no money or license. We get home about 8:45 p.m.

I'm standing in the kitchen talking to him, and he starts on telling me a longish story, so fidgety me starts going through my pockets again while I listen. And I find the key. My skirt had jeans-like pockets in the front, with two main pockets and one little pocket set inside the right pocket. Yes, that's where the key was. I swear I felt around in there at least a dozen times but the little pocket is abnormally deep.

If we hadn't decided to go out for dinner, I would have changed my clothes as soon as I got home, and I never would have found the key until maybe the next time I wore that skirt. I'm so glad I didn't leave a message for maintenance to make an emergency visit to my office first thing tomorrow morning.

Social Issues

Invent Your Own Urban Legend!

Renee D. - 12:16 p.m. Pacific Time - Sep. 30, 2004 - #46 of 48

Forward this to EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

The U.S. government has, for the last 15 years, been funding Sony in the development of their Playstation and X-Box technology. A top government official has disclosed that the reason behind this wildly successful venture has been to get an entire generation of American children sensitized to extreme violence, and to make them ruthless killers on a battlefield.

"If you get kids used to seeing other people as nothing more than targets to be blown away, then they make better soldiers," this anonymous official was reported as saying to the Albuquerque Daily Mirror. This unoffical training of American boys and girls as potential future soldiers coincides with cuts in the voluntary military, and plans to bring back the draft in 2012.

Don't let YOUR child be subjected to this insidious training regimen! Destroy their violent games NOW, and if they insist on playing video games, choose only educational games for them, not games in which they shoot or kill in order to win. Don't let the government train your child to be a soldier!


Embiggen the language: new words / phrases / concepts...

Puzzled - 10:23 a.m. Pacific Time - Oct. 5, 2004 - #16 of 42

"niebling" is a word I coined a long, long time ago, and has had some respectable currency in Table Talk and with friends and relatives. A non-gender specific word meaning nephew or niece. It's very economical when one is going to go visit one's nieblings, rather than, e.g., one's nieces and nephew. I have come across similar coinages in the last couple years. maralgal uses one she heard independently. I can't remember now, nebling or nibling, and there was a book of odd words that came out recently which included "niefling".

English needs a non-gender specific word for aunt or uncle ... I thought of uberniebling by extension, but that's just a little too whimsical to use seriously.

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