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Published October 12, 2004 3:14PM (EDT)

With exactly three weeks left until election day:

Zogbys daily tracking poll of likely voters shows the race dead even at 45-45.

Rasmussens daily tracking poll gives Bush the lead, 47-46.

Gallup gives Kerry a one point lead among likely voters,49-48, and reports that the presidents job approval numbers have been heading south for weeks: his overall job approval has dropped to 47%, and his disapproval rating has climbed to 49%. This net negative rating of two points contrasts with the 50% approval to 48% disapproval that Bush received last week, and the 54% to 44% rating he received in a Sep. 24-26 poll, a week prior to the first presidential debate.

And a CBS News poll calls the race 48-45, in Bushs favor. While 53 percent of those polled believed electing Kerry would create jobs, only 39 percent thought giving Bush a second term would.

In state polls, Rasmussen shows Bush leading 49-45 in Florida, and 50-45 in Ohio. The firm puts Kerry ahead 48-46 in Pennsylvania, 47-45 in Minnesota, and 50-46 in Michigan.

By Jeff Horwitz

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