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By Salon Staff
Published October 14, 2004 12:43AM (EDT)

After Salon published a story on the mysterious presidential bulge, it was picked up by other media outlets around the world, from the New York Times to the BBC. And of course, here on "the Internets," as the president would say, the story continues to boil, with bloggers and e-mailers frantically exchanging info-bits and jpegs on the subject. Salon will continue to follow the story, as even associate editor Robert Kaiser of the cautious Washington Post suggested his newspaper should, telling an online chat room on Monday, "I hope we can keep pursuing this question and get an answer."

In the meantime, Salon encourages its readers to get into the investigation. Videotape or TiVo the presidential debate on Wednesday night. If you spot a suspicious bulge or wire on Bush during the debate, freeze the frame and e-mail it to Salon. Keep it real -- no Photoshop allowed! The first reader to send in convincing evidence from the third debate that Bush is wired wins a Salon Premium gift subscription. Submissions should be sent to

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