Judging George

By Kevin Berger
Published October 14, 2004 4:37AM (EDT)

President Bush said during debate number three that he doesn't have a litmus test for choosing judges based on their positions on Roe v. Wade. He just happens to favor judges with a history of working on behalf of the oil, gas and energy industries, promoting the agendas of such environmentally dire organizations as the National Mining Association. A brand new Web site unveiled Tuesday by the Center for Investigative Reporting, "Courting Influence," makes public the legal resumes of all 59 judges that Bush nominated to federal courts. It showcases a cumulative bench stacked with members of conservative think tanks such as Defenders of Property Rights and registered lobbyists for companies such as Enron and Peabody Coal. Apparently the president's only test for judges is a form of litmus paper that turns black for coal and oil.

Kevin Berger

Kevin Berger is the former features editor at Salon.

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