Voter fraud war escalates

By Jeff Horwitz
Published October 15, 2004 1:07AM (EDT)

More on the allegations of voter fraud perpetrated by Republican political consulting firm Sproul & Associates and its branch titled "Voters Outreach of America."

The San Jose Mercury News reported today that Eric Russell, a former employee of Voters Outreach of America, filed an affidavit in the Nevada litigation.

"'I personally witnessed my supervisor at VOA, together with her personal assistant, destroy completed registration forms that VOA employees had collected,' said Russell. 'All of the destroyed registration forms were for registrants who indicated their party preference as "Democrat."' According to the lawsuit against the Clark County Registrar of Voters, he provided copies of destroyed registration forms he retrieved from his supervisor's garbage can."

If Nathan Sproul's name sounds familiar, that's because he's the man who organized the collection of signatures to get Nader on the ballot in Arizona. He's also the former head of the Arizona Republican Party, and of the Arizona Christian Coalition.

In light of their close ties with Sproul, the Republican National Committee is already backpedaling. The LA Times reports that RNC spokesmen "characterized the controversy as a Democratic 'ploy' and charged that supporters of Sen. John F. Kerry had engaged in rampant voter fraud that had gained less attention."

DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe put out an open letter to RNC chairman Ed Gillespie demanding:

"In the name of democracy, it is essential that you and the Republican National Committee proactively come forward to address this issue You can either let this burgeoning Republican scandal fester, or you can come clean with the American people by

"Disclosing to Election officials, attorneys in Nevada and Oregon and press immediately, all documents, correspondence and invoices between the RNC and "Voters Outreach," Sproul and all other groups employed by the RNC to register voters;

"Refusing to pay Sproul and any other groups engaged in GOP "registration activities" until all questions can be answered and information disclosed.

"Voluntarily agreeing to make knowledgeable RNC officials available for depositions in the litigation being brought by the Democratic Party of Nevada seeking a remedy for the victims of Republican voter registration fraud in that state and any other state or party seeking relief based on RNC funded efforts.

"Ed, please let me know right away whether you will agree to these steps which are essential to address the deep fears and concerns voters now have about Republican voter fraud."

Seeing where this story ends up should be interesting, considering that voter fraud is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

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