Poll: Mary Cheney comment hurts Kerry

By Mark Follman
Published October 16, 2004 1:41AM (UTC)
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From the Washington Post this afternoon:

"An overwhelming majority of voters believe it was wrong for Democratic nominee John F. Kerry to have mentioned in Wednesday's presidential debate that Vice President Cheney's daughter was a lesbian, according to the latest Washington Post tracking survey.


"Nearly two in three likely voters -- 64 percent -- said Kerry's comment was "inappropriate," including more than four in 10 of his own supporters and half of all swing voters. A third -- 33 percent -- thought the remark was appropriate.

Other results from the survey were brighter for Kerry-Edwards.

"The survey also suggests that Kerry continues to claim a large lead in key battleground states. In these 13 states, Kerry held a 53 percent to 43 percent advantage among likely voters.


"A total of 1,555 registered voters were interviewed Tuesday through Thursday nights, including 1,203 likely voters. Margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points for the overall results and plus or minus six percentage points for results from the battleground states and for the question asking views on Kerry's comment about Cheney's daughter, which was asked only of those interviewed Thursday night."

UPDATE (3:55 p.m. PT): Patrick Guerriero, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, according to CNN today:

"Kerry was 'not wise' to refer to the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney during the answer to a question about homosexuality during a presidential debate Wednesday night. But [Guerriero] said Republicans 'who are expressing outrage at the debate comments really have been outrageous themselves.'


"'The reality is the type of outrage that is being expressed by some Republicans should be expressed at themselves. They've decided to use gay families as wedge issues across America in swing states -- that is truly outrageous,' he told CNN's 'American Morning.'"

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