And the winners are ...

By Tim Grieve
Published October 19, 2004 8:37PM (EDT)

Earlier today, we invited you to submit captions to accompany the photograph above of presidential advisor Karl Rove. We're shocked -- shocked! -- at your response, and not just because way too many of you have way too much time on your hands. It turns out some of you really, really don't like the man the president calls "Turd Blossom."

There are those of you who actually wish the man ill. One reader, recalling that old joke about a hundred lawyers going over a cliff, suggests: "A good start." Another channels Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Big wheel keep on turnin'." A respondent who values brevity offers "one word, baby: justice." And a day-dreaming writer asks, "Why do I always wake up before the good part?"

There were topical jokes: "There must be a flu shot around here somewhere." There were typical jokes: "Wheels come off Bush campaign." And there were strategy jokes: "Stay the course! Everything's fine," and "Hey, watch me divert more media attention away from the fact that we lost three straight debates." There were state-of-the-race jokes: "If the Supreme Court won't stop John Kerry, I will!" Digs at Republican campaign tactics: "Abandoning his earlier 'loyalty oath' requirement, Bush now sifts true supporters from would-be hecklers by asking them to lay down on runways as Air Force One lands." And, of course, there were jokes about whatever that was on Bush's back: "OK, Mr. President, just roll the plane forward a bit and we'll press this bulge out of the back of your jacket."

But we're not living in a Sept. 10th world anymore. We all know what it takes to win the war on terror, and a whole lot of you knew exactly what it would take to win this caption contest. That's right: "Let's roll."

Tim Grieve

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