The curse of the Bushino

By Tim Grieve
Published October 20, 2004 5:37PM (EDT)

It may be tempting to link up Boston's improbable journey to Game 7 in the American League Championship Series with the fortunes of a certain senator for Massachusetts who is making a title run of his own.

John Kerry himself is being a little more cautious. Kerry was on a plane to Iowa Tuesday night as the Red Sox beat the Yankees in Game 6. According to a dispatch from a pool reporter traveling with Kerry, the candidate was getting regular updates from the ground and at least once briefed reporters on the score.

"Listen," Kerry said, "if they go to Game 7 -- history." One reporter -- apparently thinking a baseball-filled night in New York might be better than another day slogging through Iowa or Ohio -- suggested that, if Boston won Game 6, Kerry might have to pay a visit to Yankee Stadium tonight. Kerry was right on message: George W. Bush may have taken his eye off the ball when he let Osama bin Laden slip out of Tora Bora, but he won't make that mistake. "Keep your eye on the prize," Kerry said to those who might mix Boston's fortunes with his own. "They do that; I'll do this."

Tim Grieve

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