George Bush, laugh riot

By Tim Grieve
Published October 21, 2004 9:55PM (EDT)

Earlier today, Michelle Goldberg told us how a good lot of the president's supporters seem to be a little truth-challenged. It turns out they're not so hot with humor, either. At a Victory 2004 rally in Mason City, Iowa, Wednesday, the President of the United States apparently got a good laugh out of the party faithful with this sharp one liner:

"I'm also proud to be working with your United States Senator, Charles Grassley," Bush said. "I saw him the other day in Cedar Rapids. I took him aside and I said, 'Listen, the South Lawn at the White House has got a lot of grass.'"

Update: We take it all back. The president is really, really funny. Several Iowa readers report that the president's joke refers to a Grassley campaign ad in which the senator is seen tooling about in a riding lawn mower. So, see, the president was making a joke about how Grassley could use that lawn mower to cut the grass at the White House. Get it?

Tim Grieve

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