Wishful thinking over at Fox?

By Mark Follman
Published October 22, 2004 9:04AM (UTC)
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Fox News, on tonight's NLCS game 7:

"From correspondents in St. Louis
"October 22, 2004

"THE St. Louis Cardinals rallied for a 5-2 victory over the Houston Astros in game seven of baseball's National League Championship Series today to earn a trip to the World Series."


At least they got some of the details right... Was the copy chief asleep, or was that a Freudian slip in favor of Bush's team, now freshly dispatched back to the ranch?

War Room makes no promises as to how long the URL stays good (or bad, as it were), but we can assure you that the above is from a bona fide screen grab. (Tip courtesy of reader Z.T., thanks.)

Notwithstanding that certain War Room staffers originally hail from St. Louis, we're elated to see the Cards victorious tonight. Now we won't have to endure a final week of campaign coverage that's chock-full of annoying Massachusetts-vs.-Texas baseball metaphors. The best metaphorical part being, of course, that Team Bush has already lost.

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