Nader definitely out in PA

Published October 24, 2004 12:03AM (EDT)

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 (AP) - The Supreme Court refused on Saturday to place the independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader on the ballot in Pennsylvania, upholding a state court's finding of flawed signatures on voter petition sheets. Mr. Nader asked the court on Thursday to review the Pennsylvania decision to remove him. A state court cited legal problems with his nomination papers that left him thousands of signatures short of the number required for the Nov. 2 ballot.

"On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a lower court that had found the petition sheets were 'rife with forgeries.' The lower court determined that fewer than 19,000 of the more than 51,000 signatures submitted were valid; Mr. Nader needed at least 25,697 to be listed on the ballot."

The Nader camp expressed disappointment Saturday and vowed to keep battling. Hopefully Mickey Mouse won't take the court decision too personally.

By Mark Follman

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