Go Mud Hens!

By Tim Grieve
Published October 28, 2004 6:55PM (UTC)
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John Kerry is campaigning in Toledo, Ohio, this morning before he heads to Madison, Wis., for his first appearance with Bruce Springsteen. The rest of the day will be All About Bruce, but Kerry is squeezing in a little Red Sox love while he can.

When he took the stage inside a Toledo auditorium this morning, he was wearing a Red Sox cap and feeling pumped. "It's a great American story," he said, and spent several minutes recounting the Sox' road to a World Series win. He said -- in one of those impossible to verify stories that may or may not be true -- that a caller on a radio talk show once said that "John Kerry won't be president until the Red Sox win the World Series."


Kerry kept tabs on the game from his chartered 757 last night, venturing into the press section at one point to try to watch it on a reporter's hand-held TV. He promised the press pool that he'd meet reporters at a hotel bar in Toledo if the Red Sox won. He didn't show, but he said in Toledo this morning that his voice was hoarse from shouting the night before.

With the Series in the bag for the Red Sox, Kerry tried to be a little more politic about his baseball allegiances. From now on, he told the crowd in Ohio, he'll be rooting for the minor league Toledo Mud Hens.

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