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Lachey denies stripper scandal; Bush voted biggest movie bad guy; Courtney heads back to court.

By Salon Staff
Published October 28, 2004 2:58PM (UTC)
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Morning Briefing:
Love hurts, an ongoing saga: That whole NYC microphone-stand thing might be behind her, but Courtney Love will still face the music in the L.A. bottle-flinging incident. Love has been ordered to stand trial on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an incident in which she allegedly attacked a woman she found sleeping on the couch at an ex-boyfriend's house. Love allegedly threw a liquor bottle at the woman's head, chucked a lit candle at her, chased her with a flashlight and pinched her breasts. Love's attorney says his client has been "grossly overcharged." (ABC News/Associated Press)


Do ya think ...? Rod Stewart was called "greedy and arrogant" in court yesterday by the promoters of a Latin American tour he was scheduled to make in 2002, but never did. Coincidentally, Stewart released the following statement to the press yesterday in response to the news that his new album, "Stardust ...The Great American Songbook: Volume III," had hit the top of the U.S. pop album charts: "Best of all for me is how much the public loves these albums, but I cannot deny that being No. 1 has put a big smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye." (Billboard, Female First, N.Y. Daily News)

Bush, biggest baddie? The year's most frightening movie villain? Nope, not Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus from "Spider-Man 2," or Gollum from "Lord of the Rings," or Daryl Hannah's Elle Driver from "Kill Bill." According to a poll conducted by the U.K. magazine Total Film, the biggest, baddest movie villain of 2004 is ... George W. Bush for his scary, scary turn in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11." "He was absolutely terrifying in that film," Total Film editor Matt Mueller noted. "Movie-goers are saying that there's no one like George Bush to strike fear into people's hearts." (

Another Simpson sister scandal? Nick Lachey is denying a Star magazine report that he cheated on his wife, Jessica Simpson, with porn star Jessica Jaymes during a friend's recent bachelor party. Jaymes confirms that she performed in a "girl-on-girl show with another porn star" at the bachelor party, and that Lachey was there, but said that nothing untoward occurred. "Nick put some money on me and that's about it," Jaymes told the New York Post. "I went home with my bodyguard later that night. Everything's been exaggerated." (Page Six)


Deadly cars a-go-go: Still reeling from her canoodling scandal this week, Florida Rep. Katherine Harris was nearly run down by a 46-year-old constituent in a Cadillac. According to police, Barry Seltzer, a registered Democrat, aimed his car directly at the woman who presided over the whole 2000 hanging-chad scandal as she was campaigning at a Sarasota intersection and didn't swerve until the very last minute. Alarmed, Harris froze as the car jumped the curb. "I intimidated them with my car," said Seltzer, who was subsequently arrested and is being held without bond. "I was exercising my political expression ... I scared them a little." ... And speaking of speeding cars and deer trapped in headlights ... Tucker Carlson's car struck and killed a deer as he was driving home from a debate the other night; his "Crossfire" co-host, Paul Begala, following behind in another car, gave him a lift home, and quipped, "As we were inspecting damage, I thought I heard the deer yelling from the woods, 'Your show sucks!' " (The Reliable Source)

Also: Geriatric Jones? A new writer, Jeff Nathanson, has been brought in to rewrite the script for the long-anticipated fourth "Indiana Jones" movie, which has been in the works for more than a decade (E! Online) ... NBC and ABC are both developing miniseries based on the "9/11 Commission Report" (Hollywood Reporter) ... Lindsay Lohan has been released from the hospital, where she was treated for symptoms including a high fever and exhaustion (USA Today) ... Who is Disney said to be courting to play Johnny Depp's father in the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Keith Richards (Rush and Molloy) ... Gapers, be warned: The suit filed against Liza Minnelli by her former personal assistant will remain sealed due to a confidentiality agreement between the two parties (N.Y. Daily News) ... Maria Shriver broke her foot celebrating the Boston Red Sox fifth playoff game against the Yankees; jumping off the couch to cheer, she landed on a shoe one of her kids had left lying around (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown)

-- Amy Reiter


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