Green Bay wins; Kerry fans survive freakish 4th quarter

By Andrew Leonard
Published October 31, 2004 8:32PM (EST)

Repeat after War Room: Correlation does not equal causation. Just because every time the Washington Redskins lose their last home game before a presidential election, the incumbent party also loses, does not mean that if the Redskins had won today, Kerry would have been doomed.

OK. Are we clear on that? Can all the political junkies who nearly had heart attacks when Favre was intercepted for the second time in the fourth quarter with the score only 20-14 in Green Bay's favor please check themselves? And can all the rest of you, who were screaming imprecations at The Gods Above when Washington scored to go ahead, but were then suddenly pealing out with hosannas when the touchdown was called back on a penalty, and then was followed by a game-clinching interception, please call your nearest therapist?

War Room didn't watch this game. We didn't have to. All we had to do was read the comments as they were being posted on Atrios' blog and a couple of other lefty gathering places, where a whole bunch of people who don't care about football, or normally root against Green Bay, were freaking out with each twist of the pigskin in a crazy fourth quarter.

What better metaphor for this whole crazy political season could we possibly need? Everyone knows a football game isn't going to decide this election. But by golly, when it's this close, every tea leaf is going to get treated like the Ten Commandments. If anyone needed a better reason why we really didn't need a Houston-Boston showdown in the World Series, the angst that went down in blogland during the fourth quarter of this game was proof enough. And while we appreciate the press release from the Kerry campaign touting the win, don't think for a second that we don't know you were sweating bullets there for a minute or two.

Oh, and by the way, even though War Room is certain that correlation does not equal causation, we still have to give Atrios a serious tsk tsk for calling the game in the third quarter. There's no point in pissing off Fate, even if one doesn't believe in it.

Andrew Leonard

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