"Is that all you've got, George?"

By Tim Grieve
November 2, 2004 5:28AM (UTC)
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John Kerry shouldn't be in Michigan today -- there are states where his time could be better spent -- but the campaign staff says he made a commitment to come here in the final days and intended to keep it.

So this evening, when Kerry might be lighting a fire under his supporters in Iowa or Florida or New Mexico, he's inside Detroit's Joe Louis Arena. At least he was in good company: His daughters are here with him, as are the Rev. Al Sharpton and Stevie Wonder. Wonder, talking to the crowd before Kerry took the stage, choked up as he talked of the "pain" of Iraq. Then, in that lifting, lyrical voice of his, he shouted out: "We need a change! We need a cha-a-ange."


Kerry, who seems more relaxed and jovial at each stop, fed off a crowd that kept interrupting him with shouts of "one more day."

After taunting Bush with a line from Muhammad Ali -- "Is that all you've got, George?" -- Kerry talked more movingly about what the race has meant to him. He said, "I know your hopes because you've shared them with me, and I know your dreams because you've asked me to carry them."

Tim Grieve

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