Freepers blame Tucker Carlson for bad news

By David Talbot
November 3, 2004 3:48AM (UTC)
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It's not turning out to be happy day in Freeperland. The long knives are already coming out on the right-wing Free Republic site as worries about Bush's reelection bid steadily mount. One blogger took his frustrations out on poor Tucker Carlson, who must be feeling like a bit of a punching bag these days. Carlson's appearance with Lou Dobbs on CNN this afternoon elicited a "megabarf" from the Freeper: "Oh brother...Tucker was just on Lou Dobbs saying that all the new voters were going for sKerry (sic) and all the increased turnout was going for sKerry and 'unfortunately for Bush, most people don't think we should have gone to war in Iraq.' He even had Lou Dobbs practically speechless. Do we need this right now? OTOH, do we EVER need Tucker Carlson? Puh-leeze. He and his bow tie have to go."

When your comrades start shooting the messenger on election day, you know your side's in trouble.

David Talbot

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