Ohio challengers back in the ring

By Andrew Leonard
November 2, 2004 7:47AM (UTC)
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The Ohio voting drama continues. Fox News is reporting that late Monday night the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that "that state law allows one challenger per political party at each precinct."

Earlier today, two separate judges in Ohio had ruled that poll workers were the only parties with the standing to challenge whether or not voters had proper voter registration.


The challenger issue received national attention last week, after reports that the Republican party was hiring people at $100 a day for the purposes of challenging registrations, leading Democrats to charge that the GOP was attempting to suppress voter turnout. [UPDATE: A War Room reader notes that the Ohio Supreme Court decision referred to an Ohio statute and was an overruling of an Ohio state court. The Ohio Supreme Court does not have the authority to overrule the decisions by the two federal judges who banned challengers other than poll workers. War Room apologizes for getting unduly alarmed by a Fox News report.]

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