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Rapper's wife defends his fidelity; Ashlee begs for second chance; Jackie O had big feet.

By Salon Staff
Published November 15, 2004 3:50PM (UTC)
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HBO is showing Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill's 2003 documentary about serial killer Aileen Wuornos, whom Charlize Theron played in "Monster," at 10 p.m. ET on Monday night. And if you don't have anything better to do with your afternoon, you can tune in to MTV's new show "Date My Mom" (4:30 p.m. ET).

Morning Briefing:
Ol' Dirty Daddy? They didn't call him Old Dirty Bastard for nothin'. Or did they? The rapper's wife of 13 years, Icelene Jones, has hit out at published reports that her husband, who died suddenly in his Manhattan recording studio on Saturday, fathered 12 or 13 children with several different women. "For the record, he only has three children," said Jones, who met the Wu-Tang Clan frontman whose given name was Russell Jones at a Sweet 16 party. "Nothing else was ever proven. There were never any blood tests or his signing any birth certificates. He has three children that we know that are his by his wife only -- by me." Jones is also refuting reports that her husband, whose autopsy may take up to a week to complete, collapsed in his studio, insisting that, in fact, "He went to sleep and never woke back up." (N.Y. Post, BBC News)


Blame it on Condi? A publishing insider has told the New York Daily News that a book proposal currently being circulated by former CIA director George Tenet "trashes" Condoleezza Rice -- and blames her for failing to protect the country from terrorist attacks. "He claims she was incompetent, that she didn't do her job," the source says. Tenet is reportedly hoping to snag $5 million for the book, and is said to be entertaining bids from 12 different publishers. (N.Y. Daily News)

Second chance for Simpson? Ashlee Simpson's handlers are said to be begging the people over at "Saturday Night Live" for another chance to appear on the show so that she can blot out the memory of that whole lip-syncing episode. According to an insider, "They're trying to work something out." (World Entertainment News Network)

Big shoes to fill: Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg appeared Friday at the opening of an exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum dedicated to her mother's fashion style. "I know people really enjoy looking at her dresses and the jewelry and her riding clothes," Schlossberg said of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, "but I think this is really just the start of understanding her." The former first lady wore a size 10 shoe -- and would have been a size 6 in today's sizes. (Chicago Sun Times)


Also: Tom Cruise is taking a stand against overmedicating children diagnosed with behavioral problems, telling GQ, "You know, we have 8.5 million kids on drugs. It's a human-rights issue: electroshock, prefrontal lobotomies and drugging, which is mental straitjacketing." Cruise adds that he does "feel for the parents" (GQ via Lloyd Grove's Lowdown) ... "The View" watchers who thought that maybe Meredith Vieira failed to show up for Star Jones' on-air bachelorette party on Friday because she was ticked that Jones told her that she couldn't sub in her older son as a date to Jones' wedding over the weekend (Vieira's husband had a conflict) will be either pleased or disappointed to know that the official line on Vieira's absence was that she was having major trouble with work being done on her house and had to stay home to take care of it (N.Y. Post) ... Denzel Washington is headed to Broadway. He'll play Brutus in a production of "Julius Caesar" set to open in April (N.Y. Times)

Money Quote:
A passage from a newly surfaced fax (to be auctioned off by Christie's next month) that Kurt Cobain sent to Courtney Love while on tour in the U.K. -- and high on acid -- three years before he committed suicide: "I'm sad. My throat is a swollen tumor, Blood sausage -- colon. I puke air after coughing. It was morning by the time I fell asleep after talking to you. 200 lbs. I thought of a great idea for our video. Oh forget it." (Page Six)

-- Amy Reiter


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