The purge continues

By Michelle Goldberg
Published November 18, 2004 9:16PM (UTC)
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The LA Times reports on Porter Goss's ongoing purge at the CIA. "Current and former intelligence officials said Goss planned to replace the head of the CIA's analytic branch, Jami A. Miscik," Greg Miller writes. Misick is head of the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence, which, as Miller reports, is "the division that drew much of the blame for erroneous assessments of weapons programs in prewar Iraq."

"Goss also is said to be planning to replace other senior officers in the analytic branch and to push through changes designed to encourage analysts to be more aggressive in their assessments of developments on terrorism, weapons proliferation and other priority topics," the story says.


Because, of course, the CIA's big mistake prior to the Iraq war was not being aggressive enough in assessing the country's WMDs and links to terrorism.

Michelle Goldberg

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