Karl Rove flip-flops on '08

By Mark Follman
Published November 29, 2004 9:34PM (UTC)
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A few days after the presidential election was over, the guru of GOP politics said that campaign '04 would be his last. But apparently Rove is reconsidering his declaration of lame-duck status.

"I said that in haste," Rove tells Newsweek. "A lot of people in the White House told me that that was a really stupid thing to say. So let me say that I can't imagine spending two years away from my wife and son again, the way I did this time. But besides that, who knows?"


According to Newsweek, Rove also said that Bush's posturing on same-sex marriage this year wasn't just about campaign politics and rallying the right-wing base. In the next term the president will push hard for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union of man and woman, Rove said. Bush, he added, will also seek to place "strict constructionist" judges on the federal benches. "Voters like the president because he doesn't blink and he doesn't waver," Rove said, "and he isn't going to start. He says he values life, and he means it."

Mark Follman

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