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Farrell and Lohan hook up? Trump nuptials on TV? Bush twin clonks head, eludes concussion.

Published December 14, 2004 11:59AM (EST)

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Gamer alert: Snoop Dogg hosts the second annual "Video Game Awards 2004" tonight, which will be telecast live on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. And if video games are not your thing and movies are, you can hear Martin Scorsese discuss his films and his life on "Scorsese on Scorsese" on TCM at 10 p.m. ET.

Morning Briefing:
Perfect match: Sounds like Lindsay Lohan and Colin Farrell got a little more action than they may have bargained for at the "Saturday Night Live" after-party early Sunday morning. According to Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, Farrell, fresh from guest-hosting, was swarmed by a "pack of 40 rabid photogs" when he tried to leave the restaurant Compass by the front door -- and an "altercation" of some sort ensued. Then, when Lohan tried to leave shortly thereafter via the back door, another photographer scuffle broke out and police were summoned. Then again, action may be Farrell and Lohan's specialty. According to Rush and Molloy, the two celebs partied together at New York's Marquee on Friday night -- and then retired to Farrell's room at the Plaza Hotel that night ... and the next, despite their separate party departures. "They hooked up," said a source. "They were together both nights." (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, Rush and Molloy)

Bush twin gets down: Don't worry, first twin Barbara Bush is OK. She clonked her head on the slick marble dance floor at the White House Christmas party on Saturday night after being treated to a particularly low dip by an unidentified dance partner. But speculation that she suffered any serious damage is apparently unwarranted. "She has no concussion that I am aware of," said a spokeswoman for Laura Bush. (Rush and Molloy)

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised ... Donald Trump says he's considering offers from two networks interested in televising his upcoming wedding to Melania Knauss. "Two networks want to televise it live," Trump told the press. "The last live wedding I saw televised was Lady Di and Prince Charles, and that didn't work out all that well." The blessed event is scheduled to take place Jan. 22 in Palm Beach, Fla. And as for those offers, Trump says, "I'm taking it serious. The networks would love to have this on live. I really don't know how to respond to it." How about "no"? (N.Y. Daily News)

Art imitates life? Also coming soon -- yet again -- to a TV screen near you: Pamela Anderson. Anderson is set to star in a sitcom for Fox about a woman with bad taste in men and big hopes to turn her life around. The show will be written and produced by Steven Levitan, the man behind NBC's "Just Shoot Me." (Hollywood Reporter)

Also: Brittany Murphy not only bought Britney Spears' and Justin Timberlake's house in the Hollywood Hills last year, she also bought the "shabby chic" furniture. "She likes living with Britney's and Justin's old stuff," a source tells Star. "She doesn't think this is strange at all." (Page Six) ... The people behind the "Girls Gone Wild" video empire are offering a pay-per-view special with "guaranteed wardrobe malfunctions" to air during halftime at this year's Super Bowl. (N.Y. Post) ... Dick Clark, recovering from a minor stroke, will sit out New Year's Eve this year. Regis Philbin will preside over the Times Square ball drop in his stead. "We're all expecting Dick to come back next year so it's a one-year-only shot for me, which is just enough," said Philbin. Couldn't agree more. (ABC Radio via N.Y. Post) ... "Sideways" is continuing its hot streak, having been named best picture yesterday at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. The movie's stars Paul Giamatti and Virginia Madsen were named best actor and best supporting actress, respectively. (Reuters)

-- Amy Reiter

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