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Fox adoptee's soft-core past; Gere speaks "for the entire world"; Spielberg, big donor.

By Salon Staff

Published January 5, 2005 1:46PM (EST)

Turn On:
Those of you planning to tune in to the two-hour season premiere of ABC's "Alias" at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday night might spare a get-well wish for the show's star, Jennifer Garner, who is reportedly at home in Los Angeles recovering from what her publicist says is a "viral infection." Also premiering tonight is "The Road to Stardom With Missy Elliott" (8 p.m. ET, UPN), a talent contest for hip-hop hopefuls.

Morning Briefing:
Hardly a surprise: You know how T.J. Myers, the adoptee/contestant in Fox's controversial -- and little-watched -- reality pilot "Who's Your Daddy?" the other night looked kinda like a soft-core porn star? That's because she kinda is. The actress/model, who can be seen scantily clad and crawling on all fours in photos atop her personal Web site, lists among her credits a starring role in a racy film called "Seduction of Innocence," in which she plays a small-town girl who goes to the big city and gets swept into a world of strippers, drugs and same-sex lovin'. According to IMDB, the movie features "lots of nudity on stage and a fair amount of lesbian friendliness." The film's producer, Alin Bijan, insists that Myers didn't disrobe entirely for the role, adding, "People were complaining, why didn't they get to see her naked." (IMDB via, N.Y. Daily News, N.Y. Post)

He is the world: When Richard Gere speaks, will the Palestinian people listen? Gere has recorded a TV commercial urging Palestinians to get to the polls and cast their votes in this week's election. "Hi, I'm Richard Gere, and I'm speaking for the entire world," Gere reportedly says in the ad, in which he appears with representatives of Islam and the Greek Orthodox Church. "We're with you during this election time. It's really important: Get out and vote." (AFP)

More tsunami help from Hollywood: So who, exactly, will appear on the various tsunami relief TV specials heading your way? George Clooney, Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crow and Tim McGraw have signed on for a benefit special to be aired on all NBC-owned stations on Jan. 15. And another NBC-produced, UNICEF-backed benefit airing live tonight at 7 p.m. will feature Susan Sarandon, Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker in New York and Dustin Hoffman, Alyssa Milano, Clay Aiken, Tea Leoni and Debra Messing in Los Angeles. Also donating to the cause are Jay Leno, who's auctioning off a motorcycle on his show and forking over the proceeds to the Red Cross; U2, Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand, who are planning a Live Aid-like benefit concert; Willie Nelson; and Steven Spielberg, who's donating $1.5 million to be split between Save the Children, Care and Oxfam. (N.Y. Post,, BBC News)

Also: Harrison Ford, 62, has been named the sexiest grandparent alive by Grand magazine. (NBC San Diego) ... Stephen Baldwin -- Alec and Billy's Republican, born-again Christian brother -- will speak tomorrow at a Bible session at the White House. (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown) ... Martha Stewart's stockbroker Peter Bacanovic is scheduled to begin serving his five-month sentence for lying about a stock sale at a minimum-security prison outside Las Vegas on Jan. 18. (N.Y. Post) ... Britney Spears has posted a note on her Web site telling fans that she's "writing and hopefully eventually directing" a musical called "Hollywood" that satirizes showbiz. (

-- Amy Reiter

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