Mud and muddied waters in DNC race

By Tim Grieve

Published January 31, 2005 6:16PM (EST)

This is the week that was supposed to bring clarity to the race for the DNC chairmanship. So far, it's doing the opposite. With the candidates' meet-and-greet sessions finally over and the DNC election just two weeks away, more and more of the 447 voting members of the DNC are starting to make their preferences public. On Sunday, the executive committee of the Association of State Democratic Chairs voted 8-6 to endorse Donnie Fowler, who immediately trumpeted the endorsement as a sign of momentum going his way.

But this morning, after the executive committee briefed ASDC members on a conference call, Democratic state party chairs and vice-chairs voted to endorse Dean over Fowler, 56-21, with the rest of the pack in low single digits. The folks over at, who have been covering the race with an obsessiveness bordering on the clinical, have the full story.

Meanwhile, former Texas. Rep. Martin Frost, who was looking to be the favorite of the Anybody-but-Dean crowd, is beginning to look a little desperate instead as he scrambles to defend himself against complaints that he ran a TV spot aligning himself with George W. Bush during his unsuccessful 2004 re-election race. Frost is pushing letters from Texas Democrats who call on Howard Dean to stop the "smear campaign" against him.

Tim Grieve

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