Rosenberg to Fowler: I'm not dead yet

By Tim Grieve

Published February 2, 2005 5:18PM (EST)

We reported earlier today that Donnie Fowler has taken it upon himself to announce Simon Rosenberg's withdrawal from the DNC race. As you might imagine, Rosenberg's campaign staff isn't exactly thrilled about it -- especially since Rosenberg hasn't made any announcement about his departure just yet.

The Rosenberg campaign just released this clinched-teeth statement from spokesman Guillermo Meneses: "All Democrats need to remember that we must work together to unite our party, not divide it. Today, the day of Bush's State of the Union address, Simon Rosenberg understands that this is a time for Democrats to stand together and fight for our values and principles; Simon is in the race working to try and strengthen our party to prepare us to stand up and fight the Bush Administration at every turn."

We're awaiting word back from the Fowler campaign, which is still running the premature announcement as a post on Fowler's blog.

Update: We just spoke with Kirsten Powers from Fowler's staff. She said that "someone" told Fowler that Rosenberg had dropped out the race. News of Rosenberg's decision to withdraw has circulated through DNC and New Democrat Network circles; Powers said Fowler wrote his blog item based on the assumption that Rosenberg had already made the announcement public. "He wouldn't have written it if he knew that wasn't the case," Powers said. "It was incorrect, and we'll fix it."

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