The state of the union is . . .

By Tim Grieve

Published February 2, 2005 11:38PM (EST)

It won't be long now before George W. Bush stands before the nation and proclaims the state of our union "strong." War Room's readers have a few other words in mind.

We asked you earlier today to tell us how you would describe the state of the union if you were giving tonight's speech. Your response? Let's just say that we heard a lot of potty talk, and not all of it begins with "F" and rhymes with "trucked." A red-state reader from Tennessee says the state of the union is "poop, and the plumbing is broken beyond repair." In her view, the nation faces a choice: "Bury the poop and create more problems down the road . . . or dump it in the street and let everyone see our mess as we clean it up."

Many of you offered more clinical diagnoses. Chris from Oregon says the state of the union is "medically unstable." Sharai from Minnesota says it's "perilously fractured." Dave in Illinois calls it "mangled but not broken, yet."

Barrett Buss says the state of the union is Delaware, and he wishes Arkansas better luck in next year's contest.

Nancy Ott is bulging with ideas. Among them: "The state of the union is . . . what was that again, Karl? I'm picking up static from Sen. Boxer's iPod."

"The state of the union? "Who cares?" asks Joe from Nevada. "Social Security is in crisis!" Russ Bailey and Mike McLean sound positively presidential when they proclaim the state of the union "freedomy" and "fundamentalistically strong." But Randall Deneen of Chicago may be channelling Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson better than anyone else. The state of the union is "rapture ready," he says, and that's good news because "it doesn't matter how truly fucked we are."

Tim Grieve

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